Xcellon Hard Drive Anti-Slip Pads (Pair)

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For External HDDs & Portable Electronics, Provides a Rubberized, Nonslip Zone, Works on Most Surfaces, Self-Adhesive, Peel-Off Backing


The Xcellon Hard Drive Anti-Slip Pads provide a sticky and grippy solution to keep your hard drives and portable electronics secure on most surfaces. This pair of pads offers a self-adhesive backing that easily sticks to your devices and most surfaces, like a desk or the dashboard of your car. Use them on anything for improved handling and to prevent slipping on hard, flat surfaces.


Anti-Slip Pad

The Xcellon Hard Drive Anti-Slip Pads offer two silicone rubber surfaces that stick to your hard drive, small portable electronics, and most hard surfaces. This is a great way to prevent devices from slipping across a flat or angled surface. Stick a pad to your hard drive and keep it in one place on your desktop, or attach a pad to your phone and leave it on your car's dash. The pads are made of durable silicone rubber that is water resistant and easily cleaned to keep the pads grippy.


Use the Xcellon Anti-Slip Pads on your devices, with the self-adhesive, peel-off backing that makes attaching the pads simple and easy. Stick a pad to the bottom of a hard drive to prevent it from sliding off your desk. Tack a pad on your device, and one on the hard surface, for maximum grip ability. Two pads wrapped on the sides of your electronics offer improved handling and a large nonslip area when you put it down on a surface. You can also cut the pads to work with smaller devices.

External hard drives

Small portable electronics


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  • Product: Xcellon Hard Drive Anti-Slip Pads (Pair)
  • Manufacturer: Xcellon
  • Model: ASTP-88
  • SKU: ASTP-88
  • RM Product #: 72555

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