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Universal and quick-releasable working with all cameras.

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Designed and manufactured by Zacuto.
Made in the USA. Zacuto lifetime warranty.

DSLR Cine Baseplate Kit Includes:

  • Mini Baseplate, includes 12" rods
  • Z-Spacer
  • Z-Focus
  • Universal Zip Gear

Zacuto’s DSLR baseplate kits are universal and quick-releasable; and will work with all cameras and accessories. Zacuto kits allow users to make DSLR’s work much like camcorders. All kits are balanced, which is critical for smooth movement and less user fatigue in both tripod and handheld use. They can be used with any 15mm lightweight accessories, follow focuses & matte boxes. The kits are designed to be used with current and future models of cameras & camcorders. Our DSLR Cine kit is designed for use on a tripod. Key features that come with this kit are the Zacuto Z-focus and Universal Zip Gear.

The combination of our height adjustable Mini Baseplate and Z-Spacer allows you to mount any matte box and the Z-Focus. The Z-spacer not only raises the camera but also moves it forward so the lens mount is over the rods. Zacuto kits give you all the components you need for your camera package right out of the box and at a discounted price verses buying the components ala carte, which is also an option.

With various price points, no confusion, and the ability to be used with a tripod, steadicam, dolly, Jib, handheld or shoulder mount; you can purchase the kit that is perfect for you and your type of shooting. Designed and manufactured by Zacuto.

Zacuto DSLR Cine Kit
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