Zacuto Gratical X Micro OLED EVF
Product #26843 | SKU Z-GRX
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Zacuto Gratical X Micro OLED EVF

Product #26843 | SKU Z-GRX
In stock Ships Monday

Product Features
  • 15.1 mm OLED EVF
  • 24-Bit RGB 1280 x 720 Resolution
  • Optional Zebra, Vectorscope, Waveform
  • Optional Peaking, False Colour
  • Optional LUT Creation and Import
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Product Details
  • Product: #26843
  • SKU: Z-GRX
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The Zacuto Gratical X Micro OLED EVF is positioned as an entry-level version of the feature rich Zacuto Gratical HD. However, the Gratical X is far more than just a capability-limited entry-level EVF. The true advantage of the Gratical X lies in the many ways you can customise it, creating an EVF with only the features you want for a customised EVF that exactly suits your needs. However, you can also choose to upgrade it to the full version of the Gratical HD at your own pace as your needs require. In its base configuration, the Gratical X provides you a compact EVF that features a micro OLED panel about the size of your thumbnail with 5.5 million dots of resolution that produces an image with true blacks and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio. Both the HDMI and SDI inputs are enabled, supporting RGB signals at 24-bits for vivid colour rendition, and featuring colour bars, blue only setting for calibration, and display adjustments. Optional upgrades allow you to activate the loop-through outputs, LUT support, waveform and vectorscope displays, as well as focus and exposure tools such as peaking and false colour. The EVF powers from a single LP-E6-type battery, and an 1800mAH battery provides approximately four hours of constant run time.

Key Features

General Features

  • The 1280 x 1024 resolution of the OLED allows it to display a 1280 x 720 image and various diagnostic displays without needing to overlay the signals over the image. You can adjust the position of your image and displays to what suits you best, or you can also choose to overlay the diagnostic signals on the image.
  • With optional upgrades you can create and store LUTS within the EVF and apply individual LUTS to either or both the EVF display and the downstream video.
  • With optional upgrades the OLED display and outputs are independent of each other, which means you can display the video signal with one LUT on the EVF and send the video signal with a different LUT to an external monitor. Likewise, you can display the various test signals and diagnostic signals either on both the EVF on a downstream monitor or either one or the other.
  • Weather resistant covers prevent moisture or debris from getting in open ports.
  • Optional upgrades allow you to display audio metres in the EVF.
  • Optional upgrades allow you to display LUTs, test patterns, scope displays, and other display functions can be displayed in the EVF or simultaneously on the downstream video. You can select to have the EVF and the downstream video display different LUTs and/or display functions as well.

Optional Test Patterns & Diagnostic Signal Upgrades

  • Scopes
    • The waveform provides an objective evaluation of your video signal. It displays the brightness of your image on an IRE scale, allowing you to see if your image will clip and where your black levels are.
    • The Vectorscope displays the signal on a graph so you can cheque the phase of your colours. The Vectorscope function also verifies and cheques the overall tint and hue of an image.
    • The Historgram view allows you to see where your pixels are distributed in the spectrum of black to white, providing a quick way to see where your exposure values fall. You can choose to display the Histogram as either RGB or Luma.
  • False Colour
    • The False Colour feature provides under/over luminance warning by presenting the image as a series of colour values representing exposure.
  • Peaking
    • Peaking highlights the sharpest (most in focus) areas of the image with a colour outline.
  • Zebra
    • Provides a crawling black and white pattern overlaying areas that exceed the brightness levels you select.
  • Frame Store
    • You can store frames within the EVF to recall them at a later time. You can also adjust the transparency of the frame store and superimpose it on the current view when you need to align shots.
  • Test Pattern Generation
    • The EVF can generate colour bars and a Macbeth colour chart


Display 15.1 mm
Frame Rate 23.98p
Resolution Full Display: 1280 x 1024
HD: 1280 x 720
Contrast Ratio 10,000:1
Refresh Rate 50/60 Hz
Colour Depth RGB: 24-bit
Luminance 120 to 250 nit
Pixel Density 2687.21 PPI
Colour 16.7 million colours
Connections Input
SDI: 1 x BNC

Optional HDMI: 1 x HDMI
Optional SDI: 1 x BNC

1 x USB
Mounting Options ARRI compatible rosette

In The Box

  • Zacuto Gratical X Micro OLED EVF
  • LP-E6 (7.8 Volt, 1800mAH) Type Battery
  • Charger
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty


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  • Product: Zacuto Gratical X Micro OLED EVF
  • Manufacturer: Zacuto
  • Model: Z-GRX
  • SKU: Z-GRX
  • RM Product #: 26843
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion Included