Product Features
  • For Portable Audio Mixers and Recorders
  • Stingray Waistbelt
  • Two Cable Hangers with Buckle
  • Inner Belt Keeps Waistbelt Secure
  • Four Carabiners

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The K-Tek Stingray Waistbelt with Woven Cable Hanger Kit is designed for smaller gear packages using audio bags for a mixer/recorder (sold separately). Featuring a K-Tek KSWB1 Stingray Waistbelt and a pair of KCH2B Cable Hangers with buckles, the kit has an inner belt to keep the waistbelt secure, with or without the audio bag attached. Additionally, the Waistbelt has four carabiners (two on each side), Molle straps, and D-rings along the back, offering plenty of rigging points for additional accessories.

The KSWB1 Stingray Waistbelt from K-Tek is designed for smaller gear packages centred on the Sound Devices 633 and the Zaxcom Maxx (sold separately) or similar sized mixer/recorders. It can be used by the audio professional with or without a mixer bag in applications for sound designers, field producers, ENG (Electronic News Gathers), videographers, and more.

Connecting to the KSWB1, which is secured by an inner belt, there is one buckle on each side that attaches to two carabiners. The carabiners connect to the top and bottom of the backside of your audio mixer bag, and a single strap loop allows for tightening and loosening of both carabiners in one swift motion, while still allowing individual adjustment.

With plenty of strap length; however, the versatile design makes the harness suitable for various body types and sizes, and with Molle Straps and D-Rings along the back, it offers plenty of rigging points for additional accessories. In conclusion, the KSWB1 Stingray Waistbelt creates solutions for everyday tasks.

The pair of K-Tek KCH2 Cable Hangers is a cable management solution that allows cables, headphones, and other items to be hung in an organised manner from the Stingray audio bag, harness, or other places. The durable mini carabiner hooks onto most attachment points, while an adjustable strap and buckle secure your items without the distracting sound of a hook-and-loop fastener.

Key Features

  • Buckle (no hook-and-loop fastener)
  • Attaches with mini carabiner
  • Adjustable strap: 15.2 cm maximum length
K-Tek KSWB1 Stingray Waistbelt for Small Audio Mixer/Recorder Bags
Weight0.36 kg
K-Tek KCH2 Cable Hanger with Buckle (Pair)
Adjustable LengthEach Unit: 15.2 cm maximum
K-Tek Stingray Waistbelt with Woven Cable Hanger Kit
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