Product Features
  • Fits MacBook & MacBook Air/Pro Keyboards
  • Fits Wireless Apple Keyboards
  • For Wired Apple Keyboard without Num Pad
  • Labelled Final Cut Pro X Key Commands
  • Colour-Coded & Icon-Based

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The LogicSkin Apple Final Cut Pro X Keyboard Cover for MacBook from Logic Keyboard puts keyboard commands for Final Cut Pro X at your fingertips, colour-coded and printed with icons so you can easily learn key commands and adopt a faster editing workflow. With judicious use of keyboard commands, editing becomes more efficient.

As it promotes a professional style of editing, the LogicSkin cover is ideal for post-production houses or for any editor who requires clearly labelled keyboard commands to be accessible at any time. Only 0.5mm thick, the part-transparent, part-colour-coded LogicSkin also serves double-duty as a protective cover for your keyboard, whether it's on a 13" MacBook Air, a unibody MacBook or MacBook Pro (introduced since 2008) – or it's a wireless Apple keyboard or a wired Apple keyboard without a number pad.

Key Features

  • LogicSkin is made from the best 100% high-grade Japanese Silicone
  • Silky-smooth feel – 0.5mm thin
  • Soft & flexible and yet very tough
  • Protects your Mac from dirt, dust, and spills
  • Easily removed for cleaning
  • Hand-washable – easy to keep clean
  • Stays in place – does not slip or slide
  • Helps muffle typing noises
CompatibilityAll Unibody MacBook and MacBook Pro (introduced since late 2008)
13" MacBook Air
Wireless Apple keyboard
Wired Apple keyboard without number pad
LogicKeyboard LogicSkin Apple Final Cut Pro X Keyboard Cover for MacBook
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