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The Joy Factory MMA312 Illustrate Stand for iPad Air 2 is height adjustable to let you have full control over your presentation. It comes with 2 connection ports on the heavy-duty base, which allows you to choose where to mount your iPad. The iPad holder features MagConnect technology, which allows the iPad to be attached to it using a magnetic connection.

The Illustrate App utilises the iPad’s built-in screen mirroring, so it can display contents over Wifi to an Apple TV or over a wired connection to TVs, projectors, or interactive whiteboards. The Illustrate iPad stand and the free Illustrate app combine to make demonstrating your important ideas easier than ever.

Key Features


Adjustable Design

The Illustrate Stand is height adjustable, so you have full control over your presentation. There are 2 connection ports on the heavy-duty base, so you can choose where to mount your iPad.


Your iPad fits into a snug holder which attaches to the stand using a magnetic connection. This secure connection can be bolstered by tightening the precision screw located underneath. The stand features a spherical joint that allows you to rotate and adjust the angle of the iPad holder as per your requirements.

Plays Well with Others

Since the Illustrate Stand's iPad tray uses MagConnect technology, it is fully compatible with the full line of MagConnect mounts-from the sleek desk stand to the convenient tripod/mic stand mount (all available separately). You can easily detach the tray from one mount and attach it to another quickly, and when not mounting your iPad, you can easily slip it into the Folio360 MagConnect case (available separately) without having to remove your iPad.

Illustrate iPad App


Capture live video and display it on a TV, projector, or interactive whiteboard using your Apple TV or a wired connection. In addition to live video, the Illustrate App can also broadcast still images and provides an in-app whiteboard or blackboard.


Draw diagrams and even type labels onto the live feed to clearly communicate your important ideas.


Easily capture still images of your annotations from within the app. These images can be shared with students afterwards or conveniently used for future handouts.


Compatible withiPad Air 2
MaterialCarbon fibre
Joints1 x Spherical joint at tablet connection
Connection TypeMagConnect
DimensionsLength When Extended: 19.2" (48.8 cm)
Length When Retracted: 14.7" (37.3 cm)
Base (W x L): 13.00 x 17.75" (33.02 x 45.09 cm)
WeightLess than 5.7 lb (2.6 kg)
The Joy Factory MMA312 Illustrate Stand for iPad Air 2 with Overhead Projecting and Annotating App
The Joy Factory
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