Product Features
  • Includes Telae-TitanXg Crimp Tool
  • Includes External Ground Crimp Tool
  • Includes RJ45 Cat6A/10-Gig Connectors
  • Includes Cyclops 2 Cable Jacket Stripper
  • Designed for Terminating Network Cables
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Designed for working with 10 Gigabit Cat6A shielded cables, as well as Cat6E, Cat7, and oversized Cat5e/6 industrial Ethernet cables for data, audio, and video applications, the 10Gig Termination Kit from Platinum Tools is a manufacturer's kit that includes a Telae-TitanXg Cat6A/10Gig Crimp Tool, 100 x RJ45 Cat6A/10Gig Shielded Connectors, a Cyclops 2 Cable Jacket Stripper, and a CT-360 External Ground Crimp Tool.

The Telae-TitanXg is specifically made for terminating Cat6A/10Gig connectors, the CT-360 External Ground Crimp Tool will perform 360° crimps on the external ground tab of shielded RJ45 connectors, the Cyclops 2 Cable Jacket Stripper automatically adjusts to help cut PVC, plenum, and others without damaging the braids, foils, or conductors, and the RJ45 Cat6A/10Gig Shielded Connectors are headers that attach to the cable ends, allowing the RJ45 cables to interface with a LAN outlet.

Key Features

Telae-TitanXg CAT6A/10Gig Crimp Tool

  • Specifically made for terminating larger cables, such as RJ45 Cat6A/10-GIg shielded connectors (not for standard RJ45 modular plugs)
  • Minimal hand force necessary while crimping
  • Straight action vertical crimp force
  • Compact & rugged
  • Terminates to industry specified crimp heights
  • Stays securely closed with its gun-style lock
  • Built-in cable stripper for round wire and flat satin
  • Easily control the blade depth when stripping
  • Built-in cable cutter
  • Applications: Cat6E, Cat6A, Cat7 & over-sized Cat5e/6 industrial Ethernet cables

RJ45 Cat6A/10Gig Shielded Connectors (100 pieces)

  • Max cable OD: 0.34" (8.50 mm)
  • Max conductor OD: 0.05" (1.35 mm)
  • UL and RoHS compliant

Cyclops 2 Cable Jacket Stripper

  • Self-adjusts to automatically score PVC, Plenum, and others without damaging braids, foil, or conductors
  • Ready-to-use out of the kit without having to make adjustments
  • Works with shielded/unshielded twisted pair single & multi-core and fibre optic cables
  • Accepts cable ODs 0.10 to 0.43" (2.54 to 10.92 mm)

CT-360 External Ground Crimp Tool

  • 360° crimp on the external ground tab of shielded RJ45 connectors
  • Perform concentric termination with full control to prevent over or under crimping. Dual cavity covers wide range of cable ODs ranging from 0.245" to 0.335" (6.22 mm to 8.51 mm)
  • Spring-loaded, non-ratcheted design
  • All steel frame, rust-resistant black oxide finish, moulded plastic handles
Platinum Tools 10Gig Termination Kit
Platinum Tools
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