Universal SDI to component/composite video converter - AJA rack-frames

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Universal SDI to component/composite video converter, 10-bit. For use with AJA rack-frames

The R20CE SDI to Analog Video Converter provides excellent quality 10-bit conversion of SDI to component and composite video formats simultaneously. The 4 analog outputs are user configurable to NTSC/PAL, YC (S-Video), YPbPr (SMPTE, EBU-N10), Betacam, or RGB. The component and composite outputs are completely independent including optimum chroma filtering for each and independent pedestal configuration. The R20CE also features an exclusive PLL jitter filter/memory to reduce the effects of SDI jitter on the output analog video. This feature, along with the precision 4x oversampled D/A filter, provides the highest quality analog outputs - including very low phase noise in composite outputs. The optional FSG (Frame Sync/Genlock) Module allows genlock to an external reference with full timing adjustment. Without the FSG Module, the reference input provides color frame timing. The R20CE fits the AJA R-Series Rack Mount Frames, as well as other common industry frames.

Technical Specifications:

SDI (SMPTE 259M), 1x BNC

Passive Loop

Simultaneous Component and Composite Output
YPbPr - SMPTE, EBU-N10, Betacam, RGB, NTSC,
PAL, YC (S-Video), 3x BNC
NTSC/PAL or Sync, 1x BNC
Re-Clocked Loop-Thru SDI, 2x BNC

D/A Converters
10-bits, 4x Oversampling
Clock Jitter Filtering to 2.5Hz

Frequency Response
Y +/- .15dB to 5.5Mhz
C +/- .15dB to 2.5Mhz (Component)
C +/- .15dB to 1.3Mhz (Composite)
Less Than .5% K Factor (2T)

User Controls
Output Video Format
Pedestal On/Off
Narrow/Wide Blanking
Digital Noise Reduction
Ouput Timing Adj. (w/Frame Sync Option)

Fits AJA R-Series Frames
Compatible With Leitch® 6800 Series Frames

7 Watts (8 Watts w/frame Sync Option)

AJA R20CE Converter
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