Take Your Mix To The Maxx!

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Waves Renaissance Maxx Native
Take Your Mix To The Maxx!
RenChannel, RenCompressor, RenEQ, RReverb, RVox, RBass, RDe-Esser, IRL, TuneLT

Unparalleled audio accuracy bringing together Waves most acclaimed audio processors in one package, offering Maxximum flexibility, efficiency and intuitive control! Never before available at any price, the Renaissance Maxx bundle will knock your socks off with sonic quality and dependability. Once you use them, you'll never give them up!

Included in this bundle:

  • IR-L Convolution Reverb

IR-L delivers the same great sound and impulse responses as Waves IR1, with streamlined controls for simple, efficient operation.

  • Waves Tune LT

Waves Tune LT is a special edition of Waves Tune, which packs more pitch-transforming power into a single, easy-to-use plug-in than anyone ever thought possible.

  • Renaissance Channel

A precision channel processor combining the best and finest EQ, compression, limiting and gating. This processor takes the concept of channel insert to the limit and beyond.

  • Renaissance EQ

The highly-praised double-precision resolution vintage EQ, featuring distinctive emulation of classic analog EQ sound.

  • Renaissance Bass

A second generation of Waves' popular MaxxBass offering a simlified interface. Achieve that warm, fat and massive low end with few adjustments and NO distortion.

  • Renaissance Reverberator

Classic sound and vintage-style controls for the demands of everyday production. Rich reverb tails plus early reflection system gives the density and texture you deserve.

  • Renaissance Compressor

Exceptional compressor with vintage Opto modeling, plus the exclusive Electro Mode, and an L1-style limiter!

  • Renaissance Vox

A great compressor, limiter and gate. Increases perceived volume and stability for vocal and solo instruments. Brings vocals to the front of the mix!

  • Renaissance DeEsser

The next generation DeEsser, offering Adamptive Threshold Control, yielding more natural sounding results!

- Requires iLok authorization.

Waves Renaissance Maxx Native
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