Shotgun Microphone Condensor Line + Gradient 380mm

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Line + gradient microphone, 395mm long. Switch-selectable hi-pass filter. 11-62V phantom power. Includes windscreen.

The Audio-Technica AT4071a is a transformerless, externally polarized line + gradient capacitor microphone. It has been specially created to meet the critical long-distance pickup demands of broad- casting, film/TV sound, professional recording and theater sound reinforcement.
The AT4071a features a broad-band, linear on-axis frequency response, with maximum rejection of sounds from both the sides and the rear of the microphone. Rear polar lobing, common in shotgun microphones, has been greatly reduced and the off-axis response remains highly uniform. The resultant lack of sound coloration on- and off-axis makes the AT4071a particularly useful for miking dynamic action in film/TV audio as well as in “spot” miking techniques in the music studio or theater.

The effective working distance of a directional microphone is determined in great part by its polar pattern and the uniformity of its off-axis response. These factors help determine the signal-to- ambient-noise ratio. Of course, the electronic signal-to-noise ratio also affects the usable miking distance. This distance may be less than desired if the overall system signal-to-noise ratio is poor due to low microphone sensitivity or noisy electronics. The AT4071a pro- vides extremely high output and a noise floor that is hardly measur- able, much less audible. It may be used with confidence in distant miking applications and even under the stringent demands of modern digital recording systems.

The AT4071a balanced output is direct-coupled. This results in a clean output signal, especially under high-output conditions. The microphone is totally free of the distortion associated with conven- tional transformer-coupled outputs.
The AT4071a sets new standards in small size and light weight. Overall length is 15.55" and it weighs just 5.5 oz. The AT4071a adds practically no noticeable weight to the end of a fish pole or the top of a minicam. Through the use of an advanced, proprietary Audio -Technica design, the interference tube of the AT4071a provides a narrow acceptance angle that would require a tube 50 percent longer using conventional technology.

Another unique Audio-Technica engineering innovation in the AT4071a provides two additional benefits. An ordinary line microphone has its capsule positioned immediately at the rear of the interference tube. Audio-Technica engineers, however, have located the capsule entirely within the tube. Both the diaphragm and the side ports are exposed to the same acoustic environment.
One significant result of this unique capsule positioning is that the AT4071a is less sensitive to noise caused by wind turbulence or the “encounter” noise of panning action. The second benefit is a marked reduction in proximity effect. Recordings made at varying distances remain more consistent in response, making both production and editing quicker, easier and less costly.


  • Element: Externally polarized (DC bias) capacitor
  • Polar Pattern: Lobar
  • Frequency Response: 30-20,000 Hz
  • Open Circuit Sensitivity: (1 kHz): –21 dB (89.1 mV) ± 1 dB, re 1V at 1 Pa*
  • Impedance: 100 ohms
  • Maximum Input Sound Level: 124 dB SPL, 1 kHz at 1% T.H.D.
  • Noise, Typical (A-WEIGHTED): 12 dB SPL
  • Dynamic Range, Typical: 112 dB, 1 kHz at Max SPL
  • Signal-To-Noise Ratio, Typical: 82 dB, 1 kHz at 1 Pa*
  • Hi-Pass Filter (Low-End Roll-Off): 150 Hz, 12 dB/octave
  • Power Requirements: 11-52V DC phantom
  • Current Consumption, Typical: 3.2 mA
  • Weight (Less Cable And Clamp): 5.5 oz (155 g)
  • Dimensions: 15.55" (395.0 mm) long,

0.83" (21.0 mm) body diameter

  • Accessories Furnished: AT8405 snap-in clamp for 5/8"-27 threaded stands; protective carrying case; AT8135 reticulated, open-cell foam windscreen
Audio Technica AT4071A Shotgun Microphone
Audio Technica
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