Limited Edition Black Model, Detects & Processes Your Striking Sound

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The WAVEDRUM from Korg is an electronic percussion synthesiser. Unlike standard trigger pads found in most electronic drums, the WAVEDRUM features multiple sensors that detect the actual sound of its head when it is struck. Sounds are generated by processing the audio from the head, applying DSP (digital signal processing), and blending in a triggered sample. The result is a unique tone with every strike, and an electronic drum that behaves like an acoustic instrument, responding differently to hands, sticks, and brushes.

There are 200 different built-in instruments for the head and rim with a wide range of percussive sounds, such as talking drums, bongos, bells, marimbas, kicks, snares, electronic drums, etc. Melodic instruments are also included (sitars, Japanese Kotos, etc.), and the pitch can be controlled with velocity. There are also 100 preset programmes, which combine percussion, drums, and sound effects for a unique playing experience that will react differently to any individuals playing style. You can save 100 of your own custom preset programmes as well.

With the 4 buttons on the rim you can scroll through 4 preset programmes on the fly, which is handy for live performance. There are 100 built-in loops in different tempos and styles that you can jam along with. An auxiliary input allows you to connect two WAVEDRUMs, or input any sound source (such as an MP3 player) so you can play along by connecting to an amplifier, or play privately on your headphones. It fits on a standard snare drum stand, and its lightweight and compact form allows you to take the WAVEDRUM anywhere with ease. The drum head can be tuned and tightened to your liking, and it's easily replaceable should you ever wear it out.

Key Features

Limited Edition Black Model

Now you can stand out from the crowd with the Wavedrum Black Limited Edition. Featuring an unmistakably premium look, the Wavedrum Black is finished with a solid black metallic rim and an exclusive BLACK SUEDE Remo drum head - projecting a totally different vibe than the cool aura of the original silver scheme. With the Wavedrum Black Limited Edition, you'll find yourself inspired like never before.

Revolutionary Synthesis Technology

WAVEDRUM generates sound by detecting the sound of your strike via the head and rim sensors, and processing this audio source by DSP (Digital Signal Processing) sound synthesis technology to create unique sounds

Unique Sounds Generated by 36 Different Algorithms

WAVEDRUM keeps things sounding fresh by applying and combining several different software synthesis methods; including analogue, additive, non-linear, and physical modelling

200 Different PCM Instruments for Head and Rim

There are 200 different built-in instruments for the head and rim with a wide range of percussive and melodic sounds, such as talking drums, bongos, bells, marimbas, kicks, snares, electronic drums, and many more

100 Preset Programmes, 100 User Programmes

There are 100 built-in preset programmes that combine percussion, drums, and sound effects in complex ways that can produce completely different sounds according to your playing technique

Live Mode

You can register twelve frequently-used programmes (four programmes x three banks) in buttons 1-4 for immediate recall, which is really convenient for live performances

100 Loop Phrases

The built-in 100 loop phrases cover a broad range of genres and tempos, allowing you to play along for a one person jam session

Aux Input

The aux in connector lets you connect another WAVEDRUM unit, an MP3 player, or an external sound module, and play along with that audio source

Lightweight and Compact Design

The WAVEDRUM features a lightweight and compact design for comfortable playing on your lap or in a snare stand


Synthesis MethodDSP & PCM Combination
DSP36 Total Algorithms
Instruments200 Total
100 Head, 100 Rim
Presets200 Total Programmes
100 Preset, 100 User
EffectsReverb, Delay
ControlsVolume Knob, Write Button, Buttons 1 - 4, Bank/Mode Button, Value Knob
Inputs/Outputs2 x Main Outputs (Left & Right Monaural Phone Jacks)
1 x 1/8" Headphone Output
1 x 1/8" Stereo Mini AUX Input
Display3-Character 7-Segment LED
Sampling Frequency48 kHz
A/D Conversion24-Bit
D/A Conversion24-Bit
Power SupplyDC9V 1.7A
Dimensions13.54 x 13.74 x 2.95" (344 x 349 x 75mm)
Weight4.41 lbs (2 kg)
Korg WAVEDRUM - Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer (Black)
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