Thick, uncompromising distortion

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Behringer HM300 Heavy Metal Distortion Effect Pedal

The Behringer HM300 Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal is like having the 1980s in a stomp box. Thick, uncompromising distortion of the type made famous in the time of big hair and big riffs comes pouring out of this Spandex-pink pedal.

A two-band EQ can be adjusted to get the best sound from your particular axe. First-class electronics yield silent switching and no loss of signal integrity. This is a quality effect at an affordable price.

Listen to the Sustain! The thick, over-the-top distortion produced by the HM300 gives you sustain for days. Two-Band EQ The Low and High knobs let you achieve a variety of styles, from bottom-heavy grunge to mid-scooped metal.

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Behringer HM300 Heavy Metal Distortion Effect Pedal
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