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Product Features
  • Four Modes
  • Double Joint for Multi-Angle Positioning
  • Internal Microphone or Piezo Sensor
  • Backlit Display
  • Energy Saving Auto Off and Soft Modes

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The AW-2U from Korg is a chromatic tuner that is designed to clip directly onto a ukulele. It picks up sound with either the built-in microphone or the vibration-sensing Piezo sensor (useful in noisy environments), and runs on an included CR2032 lithium battery for about 150 hours. If you forget to turn off the tuner, it will automatically power itself down to save energy.

The AW-2U tuner provides easy and accurate tuning for all types of ukuleles, from the popular four-stringed soprano ukulele to the eight-stringed baritone ukulele, in a convenient clip-on form. The unit attaches directly to the headstock of the ukulele and is designed to work with ukulele heads over a range of thicknesses.

One side of the clip has an interior pad whose angle is adjustable, ensuring a stable fit. The display is connected to the clip using a double ball joint that provides a broad range of movement - left, right, up or down - providing the maximum in freedom of adjustability. This way, the performer can adjust the display to the perfect angle, and continue to tune in a natural position.

Unlike the built-in microphone, the internal Piezo sensor picks up vibrations directly from the instrument, allowing you to tune even when there are other sounds around you. If desired, you can switch to tuning via the built-in microphone. The tuner can even be attached to a microphone stand. The display is backlit, making it easy to read in any setting. The light can be dimmed, turned off, and set to only get bright when a signal is detected.

Key Features

  • Clip-on chromatic tuner that attaches directly to a ukulele providing for cable-free tuning
  • Clip size and shape is ideally suited for mounting on the ukulele's headstock
  • Four modes support tuning every type of ukulele
  • String name and note name are automatically detected and clearly displayed
  • Select the internal microphone or a Piezo sensor that detects the vibrations of the instrument
  • Double ball-joint allows multi-angle positioning with far greater mobility for the display section
  • Internal backlight ensures excellent visibility even on a dimly lit stage
  • Two backlight modes - Soft mode for low-illumination, Auto mode for high brightness
  • Energy-saving Auto mode automatically switches to the low-power Soft mode when no sound is present
  • Auto Power Off function maximises the battery life, even if you forget to turn the chromatic tuner off
  • Memory backup function
Scale12-note equal temperament
RangeStandard: Low G (196 Hz) to High C (523.3 Hz)
Baritone: 4G (146.8 Hz) to High G (392 Hz)
Precision+/-1 cent
PowerCR2032-type lithium battery
Battery LifeApproximately 150/75/20 hours (backlight: unlit/soft/auto, tuner continuously operating, A4 input)
Dimensions2.3 x 1.0 x 0.5" (58 x 26 x 12.6 mm) - body only
WeightBody: 17.4g
Clip: 12.7g
Korg AW2 Clip-On Chromatic Ukulele Tuner
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