True Bypass Output, Large LED Meters, Full and Half Strobe Modes

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The Pitchblack from Korg is a professional-quality chromatic pedal tuner for the working guitar or bass player. The pedal is the same size as a compact effect unit, and has a durable die cast aluminium body. Despite the small body size, the unit features a large LED metre that can even be read in daylight.

The pedal offers four different display modes - Metre, Full Strobe, Half Strobe, and Mirror. Metre mode is similar to using a needle metre, Full Strobe mode provides streaming LEDs that stop when you're in tune. Half Strobe mode also offers streaming, but illuminates only the centre LED when the pitch is correct. Mirror mode brings the left and right LEDs closer together as the pitch gets closer to its goal. The more out of tune the instrument, the further apart the LEDs will be.

The pedal has a true bypass output, passing the input signal directly to the output jack without having any effect on the signal. This allows you to use the Pitchblack with your effects pedals without colouring the effects. The Pitchblack can fit into your pedal board system, and has a DC output to supply power to other pedals in the chain.

Key Features

  • Rugged aluminium construction for heavy road use
  • Compact design fits into your pedal board
  • Large LED metres for easy readability
  • Four tuning modes (Metre, Full Strobe, Half Strobe, and Mirror) allow you to choose your preferred method of tuning
  • Detection range from E0 (20.6Hz) to C8 (4.186kHz)
  • Calibration can be adjusted from 436 to 445Hz
  • True bypass output won't add colouration to your effects pedals
  • 9VDC output provides power to other pedals, simplifying the power connections in your pedal board


1 x 1/4" Instrument Input
1 x AC Adapter Input
1 x 1/4" Output
1 x DC Cascade Cable Output (to power other effects pedals)
Detection range : E0 (20.60 Hz)-C8 (4186 Hz)
Calibration range : A4 = 436-445 Hz (1 Hz steps)
Detection accuracy : +/-1 cent
Input Impedance
1 M-ohm (tuner on)
Power Supply
1 x 9 V type battery or AC adapter (9 V, 600 milliamps or greater)
Battery Life
Approximately 5 hours continuous use with tuner on (A4 input continuously, Metre mode)
Current consumption : maximum 30 mA
2.68 x 4.72 x 1.85" (68 x 120 x 47mm)
10.3 oz (292g)
Korg Pitchblack Chromatic Pedal Tuner
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