Eliminate all types of debris off DSLR CCD or CMOS image sensors

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Delkin DigitalDuster Cleaning Kit

The DigitalDuster Image Sensor Cleaning Kit provides a complete kit to eliminate any type of debris from your valuable CCD or CMOS sensor, surrounding chamber and lens, as well as any fear of damaging or overexposing your sensor. Whether dry particles have statically accumulated or moisture has chemically bonded onto the sensor surface, this all-inclusive package provides the safest most effective removal option. A combination of three scientifically manufactured cleaning tools (SensorVac vacuum, SensorSafe cleaning wands and SensorSolution quick-dry liquid) can be used at user discretion to accommodate your specific sensor cleaning needs.

Because the vast majority of contaminations found on an image sensor are dry in nature, it is vital that you are equipped with a device that will quickly lift loose particles without scratching the delicate surface. The SensorVac is an ultra compact vacuum that conveniently fits into and illuminates your digital camera chamber for easy visible cleaning. Delkins non-contact suction effectively shifts debris away from the low pass filter that catches the light and combats any discoloration or moir effect that may transmit onto your images. Also, the vacuums static brush tip can be used to create a dabbing motion directly on the scope to remove any abrasiveness that would otherwise cause permanent damage. Unlike harsh paintbrush like tips, Delkins sensitive fiber bristles are static-free and designed not to shed or scratch the scope in a cleanroom environment. The SensorVac includes a dual speed motor with an optional Power-Up function and AA Battery Pack for instant use.

SensorSafe Wands:
Delkin SensorSafe wands (available in 3 sizes to meet the exact specification of your DSLR) are the ideal wet cleaning method for your CCD or CMOS sensor. Intended to be used after SensorVac cleaning, these miniature wands remove the tiniest specs of dust and water stains caused by humidity build up within the chamber. This is a common dilemma even when your digital camera is minimally exposed to moist terrain or rainfall. In addition, our wands can also be used to eliminate oil based stains from mirror and shutter lubricants that oftentimes splash onto the sensor. Each SensorSafe Wand head is manufactured with strict precision, enveloped in a non-abrasive, lint-free fabric and packaged in a sterile environment. We recommend using these double sided wands in both wet and dry form. First, simply place SensorSolution cleaning liquid on one end of the wand, and apply a single thorough swipe to the scope. Then, turn it around, and apply another single swipe with the opposing dry end to remove any remaining moisture. These wands have proven to effectively reduce anything from small solid particles to chemically bonded debris. Our Delkin DigitalDuster kit includes a combination of 12 wands: 6 Small (16mm), 3 Medium (20mm), and 3 Large (24mm). Although specific sizes are recommended for your exact DSLR, all Delkin SensorSafe wands can be used on any camera model.

Manufactured with an advanced 3M scientific formula, Delkin Devices ultra safe SensorSolution has the ability to break the chemical bonds that cause oil, dirt, dust and any other debris to linger on the sensor. This specialized quick dry solution sustains the optimal amount of moisture to keep your DSLR protected, leaving behind absolutely no residue or streaking on the surface. Guaranteed 100% safe for non-coated and coated CMOS and CCD sensors (including newer ITO coated cameras), this alcohol free solution is believed to do minimal to no damage to your digital device, even in cases of accidental spillage! One .25 ounce convenient dropper bottle of SensorSolution is included in this Delkin value kit.

What's Included:
1 SensorVac with battery pack
0.25-ounce bottle of SensorSolution
12 SensorSafe wands (6 small, 3 medium, 3 large)
1 SensorScope cleaning guide
1 DigitalDuster carrying case

(The SensorScope Single can be purchased separately here)

Package Dimensions: 6" x 8" x 2.25"
Package Weight: 0.8 lbs

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Delkin DigitalDuster Cleaning Kit
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