Education Book, with DVD, on creating video with your DSLR

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Pearson Education Book/DVD: 'From Still to Motion' by James Ball, Robbie Carman, Matt Gottshalk, Richard Harrrington

From Still to Motion - It's no longer just a simple digital camera. High Def video is now the established medium for recording people, places and things. And, if you wish to remain up-to-date with the medium, you'll more than appreciate this book. It is a more than comprehensive examination and explanation of the format.

In transitioning from still to video, there are new skills to be acquired. New lighting techniques, new gear - and sound. The four authors of this book, all experienced in both still and video, will educate and explain both the basics and some advanced ways of integrating video into your photographic repertoire.

Topics covered include picking your gear, properly lighting for motion, using professional-level audio, color correction, and editing techniques, media management and outputting, and much more. The addition of a DVD to this package gives you an additional six hours of training that covers all topics including files and templates from which you can draw experience.

Author(s) Expertise:
James Ball: Director of Photography for HBO, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, PBS.
Robbie Carman: Colorist for Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Broadcast Commercials; Well-known trainer, and National Association of Broadcasters.
Matt Gottshalk: Lighting Director and Camera Assistant; Active member of community.
Richard Harrington: Director and Editor; Author for Apple and Adobe, Member of NAPP Instructor team, Creative Cow Forum Leader, Podcaster.

Photographers of all levels interested in getting into video. Beginner to Advanced. Video professionals who want to learn new techniques and specific instruction on video-capable DSLR cameras.

Subject: Photography Books & Tutorials
Author: James Ball, Robbie Carman, Matt Gottshalk, Richard Harrrington
Edition: 1st
Hard/Soft Cover: Paperback
Pages: 336
Dimensions: 9 x 7.9 x 0.9" (23 x 20 x 2.3cm)
Illustrations: Yes
ISBN Number: ISBN-10: 0321702115
ISBN-13: 978-0321702111
Publisher: New Riders Press
Date Published: March 2010

From Still to Motion
New Riders
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