Focus From 0" to 8.13" With Lensbaby

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Lensbaby 's Macro Convertor Extension Rings for Lensbaby lets you take that Lensbaby look as close to your subject as you want--even touching it in some cases--and get a picture that's in focus. You can choose the 8mm ring, the 16mm ring (both included), or combine them for a 24mm ring, so you have plenty of control over exactly how close-up you want your photo to be.

The convertors are compatible with all Lensbaby lens bodies and optics, and provide focus distances of 0" to 8.13", depending on the optic, the camera, and the convertor(s) you use. The Macro Convertors simply screw into the Lensbaby lens body and the optic screws into the convertor. The convertors are compatible with Composer, Composer Pro, Muse, Scout, Control Freak and all optics (the Fisheye Optic is only compatible with the 8mm convertor, as it allows you to actually focus on a subject that the lens is touching ).

Key Features

  • Focus from 0" to 8.13" with any Lensbaby lens body and optic
  • Includes one 8mm & one 16mm extension ring--they can be combined to form a 24mm extension ring
Lensbaby Macro Converter Extension Rings for Lensbaby
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