One Shot Color Imaging, 10.7MP CCD Sensor, Internal Mechanical Shutter

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The Nightscape CCD Camera from Celestron is a one shot, easy to use 10.7MP colour CCD camera with a professional grade feature set designed for astro-imaging. This CCD camera utilises a Regulated Thermoelectric Cooling - TEC system to deliver immediate results with a single exposure. An internal mechanical shutter and the accompanying control software allow automatically combined multiple images on a par with much higher priced cameras.

Combining pixels reduces noise. So use the Nightscape CCD with an f/10 system and 2x2 binning, to produce a large scale image while still providing sub-arc second, small scale, image sampling. This configuration is ideal for bringing out fine detail in planets and compact deep-sky objects. Alternatively, use the Nightscape CCD with an f/2 system and the high resolution 4.75x4.75 micron pixels. This configuration will capture wide field objects while maintaining resolution better than the "seeing" conditions. Nightscape is provisioned for optimal resolution at multiple F stops with 4.75x4.75 micron pixels and 2x2 and 4x4 binning.

The Nightscape charge-coupled device leverages the Kodak KAI-10100 Colour Sensor. The KAI-10100 is a 10 million pixel, 22.5mm diagonal high performance colour interline transfer CCD image sensor. It offers both high light sensitivity on one hand and a balanced spectral response on the other. Together they permit true colour capture in a fraction of the time that it takes with a colour filter wheel. Regulated Thermoelectric Cooling - TEC and variable fan control provides a vibration free air flow to dramatically reduce common inherent thermal noise.

A compact 4" diameter design provides minimal obstruction needed for Fastar f/2 imaging. The round, symmetrical, aluminium cast body resembles the obstruction of the secondary mirror of a Cassegrain telescope ensuring round star shapes with minimal light diffraction. Additionally the spacing to sensor is the same distance as most DSLR cameras allowing compatibility with most standard DSLR t-adapters.

Celestron AstroFX software presents an educational experience from the first step of taking the picture to the final processing result. Temperature regulation, exposure, computer assisted focusing is controlled through the software for straight forward image acquisition. AstroFX enhances the image and calibrates the frames to create a final astronomical image that's been stacked, stretched, sharpened, saturated and ready to share with your friends in a snap.

The system requires a Pentium processor or equivalent, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or higher, 1GB RAM, 20MB of disk space for the programme installation and a minimum video display of 1024x768 with 16-bit colour or higher. The software is compatible with 32-bit or 64-bit systems.

Key Features

  • One shot colour imaging using Kodak's KAI-10100 10.7MP CCD
  • Internal mechanical shutter makes acquiring dark frames easy and fast
  • Full-frame image buffering allows image acquisition even while downloading
  • Regulated Thermoelectric Cooling - TEC and adjustable fan dramatically reduces thermal noise
  • AstroFX software supplies a step-by-step work-flow from taking the initial images to processing the final masterpiece
  • Optimal resolutions at multiple F stops are allowed by the unit's small pixels - 4.75x4.75 square microns and 2x2 and 4x4 binning


A/D Conversion
16 bit
Back Focus Distance
2.2" / 55 mm w/ 2" barrel
1.0" / 26 mm w/o barrel
2x2 and 4x4
Cooling Range
68°F / 20°C below ambient
Dark Signal
2e- / pixel / sec at 32°F / 0°C
Download Time
≤11 sec for full-frame image
Dynamic Range
64 dB
Exposure Range
1x1 binning: .01sec - 24 hrs
2x2 Bin: .001 sec - 24 hrs
4x4 binning: .001 sec - to 24 hrs
Full Well Capacity
25,000 e-
Imaging Sensor
Kodak KAI-10100 Colour Sensor
Mounting Area
2" / 50 mm barrel and t-thread
Operating Environment
-40°F to 104°F / -40°C to 40°C
Software Compatibility
AstroFX, MaximDL and ASCOM Driver
Full, half, quarter, selectable
Optical Coatings
IR cutoff and anti-reflection multi-coatings
Power Requirements
12V DC 2.5 Amp, tip positive
Regulated Thermoelectric w/ fan
Camera Resolution
3760x2840: 10.7 MP
Pixel Size
4.75 square microns
2 lbs / 0.91 kg
Sensor Size
0.7 x 0.5" / 17.9 mm x 13.5 mm
diagonal: 0.9" / 22.5 mm
Celestron Nightscape CCD Camera
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