Hand Control for NexStar System, Flashable 40,000 Object Database

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The Hand Control (AZ) from Celestron is compatible with all Altazimuth mounted NexStars, including SLT, LCM, SOE and CPC series computerised telescopes. It is a hand control for Celestron's NexStar computerised system. Its database is upgradeable and kept current via the internet. To use the hand control plug the phone jack connector into the hand control port labelled on the electronics control panel.

The Hand Control (AZ) is designed to give you instant access to all the functions that your telescope has to offer. With automatic slewing to over 40,000 objects, and common sense menu descriptions, its variety of features can be mastered in just a few observing sessions.

Key Features

  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Window: dual-line, 16 character display backlit screen for comfortable viewing of telescope information and scrolling text
  • Instructs the telescope to use a selected star or object as an alignment position
  • Direction Keys allow complete control of the telescope in any direction
  • Contains the following catalogs; Messier, NGC, Caldwell, Planets, SAO brightest stars, and lists of the most popular objects
  • Displays the coordinates and useful information about the celestial objects selected from the database
  • Tour mode seeks out the most interesting sky objects for the current date and time, and automatically slews the telescope to those objects
  • RS-232 Jack allows interfacing with a computer to control the telescope remotely
  • Tracking rates: sidereal, solar, lunar. Tracking modes: alt-az, AEQ north/south. Slew speeds: 1,2,3°/sec - 64x, 32x, 16x, 8x, 4x, 2x. Alignment procedures: skyalign, auto 2-star, 1-star, 2-star, solar system


Tracking Ability
Sidereal, Solar and Lunar
AEQ North & AEQ South
2-Star Align,
1-Star Align,
Solar System Align,
Quick Align,
Last Align
Data Capacity
40,000+ objects
100 user defined objects
Celestron Hand Control (AZ)
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