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TC-Helicon Perform-VK Vocal Processor for Keyboard Players
Product #60785 | SKU 996367005
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TC-Helicon Perform-VK Vocal Processor for Keyboard Players

Product #60785 | SKU 996367005
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Creates Up to 8 Harmony Voices via MIDI, 4-In / 8-Out USB Audio Interface, Use Audio or MIDI to Create Harmonies, Seven Editable Effects
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  • Product: #60785
  • SKU: 996367005
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The Perform-VK Vocal Processor by TC-Helicon is designed specifically for keyboard players and creates vocal harmonies based on the pitch of your voice, with real-time pitch correction. It can detect the key either through its RoomSense mic, an auxiliary input, or via MIDI from your controller keyboard or sequencer. The Perform-VK has seven editable effects, a microphone preamp with phantom power, a one-snap connection to your microphone stand, and large buttons which make it easy to sing and call up effects during live performances. Its Anti-Feedback function is designed to react to room properties and decrease levels of problematic frequencies.

The USB interface offers 4-In/8-Out recording capabilities, allowing you to capture dry and wet versions of your vocals, along with harmony voices, and your keyboard's audio. Parameters can be controlled using the Central Encoder Knob, remote functions from your Smartphone, the TC-Helicon MP-75 and MP-76 microphones, and/or footswitches (all available separately). After specifying the volume and style of onboard effects, you can store them in one of the three preset banks.

With the Tone control button you can add a factory-set mix of AEQ, Compression, De-Ess, and Gate onto your main output, which can eliminate low-frequency mud, large dynamic shifts, and sibilance, as well as unwanted mic gain while you're not singing. The Talk button bypasses the effects, while keeping the Tone function engaged, for clear communication with your audience.

The Perform-VK has editable remote presets accessed through the Preset app, which has up to seven effects with four additional modifiers: Harmony Level, HardTune Gender, AEQ Filter, and µMod Level. These presets can be imported into the Perform-V and edited on the fly via the HIT function. The echo effect can be synched to the timing of the music through the tap-tempo control. The Perform-VK ships with a power adapter and USB cable.


Harmonise Your Sound
  • Whether you use audio or MIDI from your keyboard, the vocal effects engine captures your chord information and creates up to two voices of real-time harmony to accompany you
  • For more complex vocal output, MIDI-note-driven harmony is also available with direct control of up to 8 simultaneous harmony voices
Simplicity Is Key
  • Perform-VK pairs with your keyboard or stage piano to give you stand-out vocal effects, mixing, and USB multitrack audio in one small, easy-to-use unit
Creative Control at Your Fingertips
  • Perform-VK allows you to take control of your sound, giving you the power to simulate a physical space with REVERB, or put it on repeat with ECHO simply by hitting a button
In the Studio or On Stage
  • When it’s time to hit the studio, Perform-VK’s 4-in, 8-out USB-audio capability gives you all the flexibility you need to create great recordings in no time
  • Simultaneously capture dry and wet versions of your vocals, along with harmony voices and your keyboard audio—you can go straight from songwriting to production in much less time
Polish Your Performance
  • Add instant clarity with the TONE button, while Adaptive AEQ, compression, gating, and de-ess provide you with professionally polished vocals that ensure you always cut through the mix
  • Turn on Anti-feedback and your Perform-VK will be on the prowl for pesky speaker squealing, knocking it out quickly if it does occur
  • The PITCH button provides a helping hand by pushing you to the nearest half-note with subtle pitch correction
Set and Forget
  • Perform-VK removes much of the complexity involved with most audio gear. In addition to Tone and Anti-Feedback, the Automatic Microphone Input Gain means that setup is as straightforward as plugging in a mic and holding the SET button while you sing. Boom, ready to rock. It even clips onto your mic stand right where you need it
Additional Features
  • Ultimate stand-mount vocal processor gives you simple and fast studio-quality sound with expandable effects and keyboard input / output
  • Built-in Adaptive Tone plus sweet harmony, reverb, and echo effects let you quickly create professional studio-quality vocals
  • Beam additional effects onto three preset buttons, choosing from hundreds of available presets, to seamlessly fit your musical style
  • 1/4-inch stereo keyboard input / output lets you have more control at your fingertips with MIDI-note and continuous-control entry
  • Multitrack 4-in, 8-out USB audio interface for easy recording
  • Easy HIT function in beamed presets turns on layered effects with a single touch
  • Intelligent mic-input gain for quick and painless setup
  • Powerful Anti-Feedback stays on alert for feedback and stops it automatically
  • Effortless auto-chromatic pitch correction helps you sing in tune
  • RoomSense mic lets you practice without a mic and automatically controls harmony
  • Central knob with four-colour light ring for easy editing of sounds, settings, mix levels and more
  • Compatible with remote Mic Control and with optional footswitching through TC HELICON MP-75 or MP-76 Modern Performance Vocal Microphones or optional Sennheiser e835 FX microphone and Switch-3 or Switch-6 footswitches


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  • Product: TC-Helicon Perform-VK Vocal Processor for Keyboard Players
  • Manufacturer: TC Helicon
  • Model: 996367005
  • SKU: 996367005
  • RM Product #: 60785
  • Warranty: 3 year manufacturer warranty