Cinetactics 100x100mm or 4x4 inch Filter Holder has been discontinued, here are some related products you might like:

Holds two 100x100mm Resin Filters or one 4x4 inch Glass Filter

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Each ballistic nylon filter holder holds one or two filters. The Filter Holders are sold in packs of two filter holders.

One or two Filter Holders can be loaded into the Matteblox, allowing you to use up to four filters. This is limited by the thickness of the filters. 4x4" glass filters (~4mm thick) will be limited to just one at a time. With 100x100mm resin filters (~2mm thick) the Filter Holders should be able to fit two. The Matteblox can easily hold 4 Cokin A or Cokin P resin filters; using two Filter Holders at once. If you really want a lot of filters, you can use several different sizes at once. An extreme situation might include 2 Cokin A filters, 2 Cokin P filters and 2 100x100mm resin filters. We hope your filtering needs will be met somewhere in there.

Cinetactics 100x100mm or 4x4 inch Filter Holder
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