Extremely accurate follow focus for 15mm and 19mm studio rods

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Zacuto's Studio Z-Focus is an extremely accurate follow focus for 15mm and 19mm studio rods. The mechanism utilizes a set of gears that connect to and spin the focus ring or Zacuto zip gear on the camera lens. The white disk allows the focus puller to create distance marks for repeatable focus pulls. The Studio Z-focus has a new flippable design so you can quickly remove the follow focus and flip it from the operator to the assistant side in seconds.

The Zacuto Studio Z-Focus includes:

  • Completely gear-driven design for slip free, accurate movement.
  • Worm gear adjustment screw to allow user to tighten gear play
  • Interchangeable drives
  • Other gears available in Fuji .6 & Canon .5 pitches
  • Z-focuses now include a new operator's marking disc that allows the camera operator to see focus marks while operating the camera.
  • Standard accessory port for Zacuto or Chrosziel follow focus whip, speed crank, etc.
  • Studio 19mm/Studio 15mm rod mount

The Z-focus comes standard with a .8 pitch, 1” diameter gear, if another pitch or diameter gear is needed that can be specified when ordering. The diameter of the gear changes the rotation of the lens. The larger the diameter, the further and faster the lens will rotate. If you need more than one gear, those can be ordered separately.

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Zacuto Studio Z-Focus
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