Complete CINEMA 4D Toolset (Mac & Win), New Take and Token Systems

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Maxon CINEMA 4D is a comprehensive 3D graphics software offering large sets of advanced tools, flexible workflow, and broad integration capability. The Studio version provides the complete CINEMA 4D toolset, and R17 (Release 17) adds a large variety of new tools and features, including a highly updated timeline, new shaders and splines, enhanced motion tracking, and Houdini Engine and SketchUp integration.

Create character rigs and advanced character animations, add hair and fur, and much more. A powerful physics engine allows you to perform complex collisions and interaction between objects, whether a few or thousands. Network rendering lets you take advantage of all the computers on your network to help render your animations faster. Although an advanced 3D application, CINEMA 4D is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, as well as fast, with much of the work being done for you in the background. For example, hair will automatically swoosh and sway as you move your character around. Note: This discounted upgrade is valid for existing owners of CINEMA 4D Broadcast R17.

Key Features

New Features in CINEMA 4D Studio R17 **


  • New Variation Shader
  • New Display Colour Shader
  • Filter Shader: New Checkbox to switch colour grading on/off
  • New Formula Shader
  • New Lens Distortion Shader
  • New Lens Distortion render effects
  • New Take System
  • New Token System
  • Global Material Override
  • Team Render Improvements
  • Watermark Post-Effect now support Takes


  • New Spline Sketch Tool
  • New Spline Pen Tool
  • New Spline Arc Tool
  • New Spline Smooth Tool
  • New Spline Boolean Commands: Subtract, Union, And, Or, Intersect
  • Spline Mask supports new boolean modes
  • Spline Mask now supports more than two splines
  • New behaviour of the AESC key
  • New Trackball navigation mode
  • Mesh Cheque Enhancements
  • Poly Pen Enhancements


  • New Euler Filter
  • New Autotangent modes
  • Timeline Enhancements
  • Powerslider Enhancements

Animation Timeline Enhancements

  • Tab instead of space bar to switch between Dopesheet/Fcurve
  • Improved shift behaviour
  • Space bar now plays but only when Timeline is active
  • The interactive update now also work in Dopesheet mode
  • General speedup
  • Now there are 2 Timeline commands (to open Dopesheet or FCurve)
  • Zoom to cursor
  • Extended marker to range markers and added colour
  • Show tangents of selected curves
  • User Data groups are now also displayed in the Timeline
  • When the preference "Track Colour" is set to Track Colour, the tracks names are also coloured in the list views
  • HPB should now has the correct colour order
  • There is a new deselect command so that CTRL-Shift A can deselect everything
  • The Timeline now remembers the last active area (Object area or main area) and then selects/deselect all accordingly
  • New "Lock Ratio" command for locked zooming in FCurve Mode -- shift toggles between locked/not locked ratio


  • Erase Brush: New "Erase Masked" button
  • New "Sculpt To PoseMorph" command
  • Grab Brush: New Surface Distance Option
  • Stencil Tile Preview
  • Flatten Brush: NewFixed Plane Option "Custom Plane"
  • Radial Symmetry supports a custom centre point
  • Sculpt Brushes now Support Guide Snapping
  • Backface Sculpting Option
  • Edge Detect Option
  • Mask Brush Improvement
  • Symmetry Dialogue: New "Find nearest point" option


  • BrushDabData
  • SculptBrushParams
  • SculptObject


  • lib_sculptbrush.h
  • SculptMouseData
  • Spline Brush SDK Example
  • Other Additions
  • lib_sculpt.h

Motion Tracker

  • New Graph View with Top-Down and Graph mode
  • Lens Distortion Tool for Camera Calibrator and Motion Tracker


  • New OBJ Import/Export with support for materials
  • New SketchUp Import
  • FBX now supports Takes
  • AE now supports Takes


  • Integration of the Houdini Engine

Workflow & Interface

  • New Colour Chooser
  • Bitmap Shader has a new function to locate the file in Finder/Explorer
  • "Locate Image..." now works correctly for presets
  • Naming tool now also works with Tags, Materials, Layers, and Takes
  • Enhanced Camera HUD
  • Rendersettings HUD
  • Attributes Manager: New Layer mode
  • Material Editor: Presets for refraction
  • The last selected objects gets a different highlight colour in the Object Manager
  • The Texture Manager now can remove links to Textures (e.g. Textures in deactivated channels)
  • The PictureViewer now also displays the frame number of the rendered frame.
  • The rendertime display moved to a more prominent place in the PictureViewer
  • The cursor keys can now be used to navigate the Texture Manager


  • Metaball Enhancements: New "Line" and "Triangle" types, "Accurate Normals" method
  • Threaded redraw of texture custom user interface
  • Automatic network proxy detection
  • Viewport Dither
  • New command line parameter to render Takes
  • Merge now supports Takes
  • New Override Node for XPresso
  • New OpenGL base system Context, OpenGL 3.2 required
  • Image loaders are now interruptable (this allows early exit for threaded user interface updates)

Take System

  • The new Take System goes beyond the functionality of a regular Render Layer System. Whether you use Cinema 4D or a third-party render engine, you will enjoy the flexible scene management offered by the Take System. Create numerous independent takes of your scene and change almost any parameter for intuitive variations -- all saved in one scene file eliminating file management hassles and wasted disk space. Nested parent-children take relationships let you easily hierarchise your versions, while the new Token System takes care of the file naming headache when rendering multiple takes in one go. Maintain complete versioning and variation control while saving precious time exploring all possibilities and responding to client change requests.

New Colour Chooser

  • Colour your 3D world using a colour wheel, photo reference, screen picker, customisable swatch library, or one of many colour models. Simplify any image using Photo Mosaic mode and quickly generate colour swatches from a photo. Pick out harmonies in a way that will really complement your scene. Your colours highly enhanced.

Houdini Engine Integration

  • The new seamless connectivity with Side Effects' Houdini Engine allows you to use Houdini Digital Assets delivered from your TD or downloaded from the Orbolt Store natively within Cinema 4D. You can concentrate on the creative process, while Cinema 4D and the Houdini Engine work hand in hand in the background.

SketchUp Integration

  • Import SketchUp objects directly. Quickly populate your scenes by accessing free, ready-to-use objects created and made available by the SketchUp user community.

New Spline Tools

  • Working with lines is now a lot more intuitive in Cinema 4D. Manipulate points, lines, tangents, and arcs with an intuitive user interface. Convert to polygon shapes. Leverage Boolean operators like Intersect, Subtract, Union.

Variation Shader

  • Use the new Variation Shader to quickly and easily apply randomness across all attribute channels of a single material.

Formula Shader

  • With the new Formula Shader you can use mathematical expressions to apply surface attributes based on object coordinates, world coordinates, and time. From simple geometrical patterns to highly sophisticated simulations, the possibilities are endless.

Material Override

  • Generate clay renders with just a few clicks of the mouse using the new Material Override. Replace all or only selected materials from your scene with a basic material with an easy and intuitive workflow. You can also exclude specific channels such as transparency, alpha, displacement, and others from the material override, if desired.

Sculpting Enhancements

  • Dozens of new features and improvements make sculpting more intuitive and efficient. Use Sculpt to PoseMorph, for example, to speed up character animation. Easily sculpt hard-surface models with Edge Detection.

Edge Detection

  • Apply your sculpting, and let Cinema 4D take care of the edges. The new Edge Detection feature lets you paint more freely and with broader strokes, providing for faster and more accurate work.

Sculpt to Pose Morph

  • Sculpt, and skip the in between stuff. No need to convert your sculpted objects to polygonal objects. The new Sculpt to Pose Morph feature automatically creates morph targets for each sculpt layer. You can quickly transition from character design to character animation.

Animation Workflow

  • Animate faster and with more precision. Simply control F-Curves with weighted tangents and the option to automatically remove overshoot. Easily eliminate Gimbal lock with Euler filtering, define animation regions via range markers, and master your animation workflow with new Timeline preferences.

Motion Tracking

  • Better results in less time. The new Graph View highlights problem track points in a simple-to-use graph and lets you easily remove them from the calculation. When integrating 3D elements into videos or photos, manually correcting for optical distortions like curved and plunging lines can take up valuable production time. The new Lens Distortion tools make it easy to generate a distortion profile for any image. You can remove distortion for tracking and scene creation, then add distortion back in when rendering. Use the intuitive graphical interface to calibrate just once, and save the settings for that lens for future use. Enjoy a complete lens distortion workflow, entirely in Cinema 4D.

Updated Content Libraries

  • Updated with ready-to-use objects, materials, surfaces, scenes, and presets. Parametric objects such as book shelves -- including the books -- let you drag and drop a completely customised living room in a snap.
Maxon CINEMA 4D Studio R17 - Upgrade from Broadcast R17 (Download)
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