EVF Mount Kit for handheld, tripod, dolly or quick release use

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The EVF Tri-Mount Kit gives the option to mount the EVF in 3 different ways. It gives you the option to use the EVF Standard Mount when shooting handheld (off the side of the Zacuto DSLR Baseplate), the Extender Viewfinder Mount when shooting on a tripod or dolly, or in quick release hotshoe mount configuration.

<The EVF Tri-mount kit includes:**
The Tri-Mount includes the EVF Standard Mount as well as an 8” rod and a ZUD ¼” 20. The 8” rod allows you to use the EVF in an extender viewfinder position. To use the extender viewfinder mount, unscrew the standard rod on the head of the standard mount and replace it with the 8” rod and then slide the Z-mount Zwivel off the rod and place it wherever you like so that you can position your EVF to your desired position.

The included ZUD ¼” 20 allows you to free the camera and EVF from your rig and mount it quickly to the hot shoe mount of your camera. In order to use the quick release hot shoe mount effectively, the hot shoe mount included with the EVF should be mounted on your camera’s hot shoe adapter. Then screw the ZUD ¼” 20 into the hot shoe mount and leave that on your camera’s hot shoe adapter. You can then quickly release or attach the EVF from either the Standard Mount or Extender Viewfinder mount with a flip of the lever. This is essential for releasing your camera as well as your EVF from your rig in a matter of seconds.

Zacuto EVF Tri Mount Kit
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