Perfect air mouse to pair with your MINIX Media Hub for Android

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The MiniX NEO A2 is the perfect air mouse to pair with your MINIX Media Hub for Android. This all-in-one air mouse is capable of fulfilling a vast array of functions, with its ergonomically designed spacious keyboard, six-axis gyroscope & accelerometer support, multi-media playback buttons and built-in microphone & speaker – the ultimate air mouse package.

Precision Navigation

Whether viewing photos, listening to music, or watching movies and TV shows NEO A2 is the ideal accessory for navigating through all your media with ease from the comfort of your sofa. NEO A2 combines the best of both traditional remote controls and conventional mouses, offering precise cursor control without the need for a hard surface to function.

Dedicated Multi-Media Playback Controls

NEO A2 has been designed specifically for MINIX Media Hub for Android™, with multi-media playback controls optimized exclusively to work on our media hubs. The elegant air mouse has been beautifully engineered to deliver a seamless user experience when partnered with one of our MINIX Media Hub for Android™.

Innovative Audio Features

NEO A2’s built-in audio features remove the costly need for a separate microphone and speakers; instead both are conveniently included in this sleek, compact air mouse. The air mouse is fully compatible with Skype, Lync and other VoIP services.


Remote Control Operating Range:10 meters
Audio Input Range:5 meters
Battery:2x AAA batteries (not included)
Frequency:2.4GHz Wireless
Operating Voltage:DC 3V
Operating Current:25mA/55mA (audio function turned on)
Standby Current:50uA
System Requirements:PC with USB Port
MiniX NEO A2 Remote Air Mouse and Keyboard
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