Provides steady video shooting, ideal for regular iPhone video users

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The Zacuto Zgrip iPhone Cinema Kit is ideal for anyone who shoots a lot of video with their iPhone. Designed to fit with the iPhone 3GS, the kit includes the Zgrip iPhone Pro and the Zamerican large articulating arm with 1/2" to 1/4 20" adapter. The Zgrip iPhone Pro includes a handgrip and a cradle, which houses the iPhone. The cradle attaches quickly to the handgrip and steadies the iPhone, resulting in professional quality, jitter-free video. The articulating arm, designed to hold a Z-Finder Pro viewfinder (sold separately), attaches to the handgrip. The Z-Finder Pro is not included in this kit, but purchasing it will add points of contact for stabilization and improve your eye's ability to focus on the iPhone LCD screen. The Zgrip iPhone Cinema Kit, paired with an optional Z-Finder Pro viewfinder has the look of a professional camera rig and once you start using it - your videos will have a professional look as well.

Zgrip iPhone Pro Handgrip:
The extremely portable pro handgrip has a quick snap mounting feature for the iPhone cradle. In seconds you can mount the cradle and begin shooting smooth and steady video. This handgrip will also work for digital cameras and other small video devices with tripod threading on the bottom
iPhone Cradle:
Designed specifically for the iPhone 3GS, this cradle holds your phone tight and the soft grips that cover the edges won't damage your phone. Plus, in matter of seconds it mounts on the handgrip
Zamerican Large Arm:
Included to hold an optional Z-Finder Pro viewfinder, the articulating arm increases stability by adding extra points of contact. It has a 1/2" to 1/4 20" adapter for quick mounting to the Zgrip iPhone Pro handgrip
Tripod Threading:
The Zgrip iPhone Pro features a 1/4 20" thread on the bottom so you can easily mount the kit on a tripod for increased stabilization

This kit includes:

  • Zgrip Iphone Pro
  • Zamerican Large Arm with ½” to ¼ 20” adapter

More information about Zacuto Products (Link to Zacuto Website)

Note: Does not include Z-Finder or iPhone.

Zacuto Zgrip iPhone Cinema Kit
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