Boox Note Air3 C 10.3" E-Ink Tablet

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  • Close-to-paper Film
  • Thinner Glass Panel
  • E Ink Kaleido 3 Screen
  • Comfortable Wide Grip
  • Solid Aluminum


Free your mind, visualise your vision, and feel eyestrain-free.

All you need is the Note Air3 C. With the flexible Android 12 OS, color ePaper screen, and tons of note-taking and reading tools with faster performance, it's made for the creative, the flexible, the open-minded. It's made for you.

Wonderful Display, Classic Design

The 4,096 amazing relaxing colours make using the device more fun. You can enjoy the content even better on the clearer screen provided by the thinner glass panel. And the wide grip makes it easy to hold the device. The Note Air 3 C with our most popular design has everything you need.

Master the Magic of Creating

With its various tools for arts and note-taking, the Note Air3 C is ready to replace your paper note book, save you piles of paper, and help you come up with more ideas in work and study. Colorful brushes, lines and shapes, custom templates, multiple layers, and the lasso tool for easy movement - when you sketch on the Note Air3 C, the sky is the limit. Connect any point to a note, a file or a website and see that reference whenever you need it, helping you make a personal knowledge system for better motivation. Convert your notes to text and send them to others via email or apps to see what they think about your work, and let the useful suggestions guide you to a better outcome.

Read with Delightful Energy

The color ePaper screen makes it fun to read colourful illustrations and take colourful notes on books. You can also enjoy the smoothest experience you've ever had on an ePaper tablet, thanks to the BSR (BOOX Super Refresh) technology.

And there's a lot more you can do with this versatile eReader: Split the page into sections and zoom in to read comfortably, look up words in the dictionary and sentences in the website with one click, and listen to stories by turning text to speech. It's colourful and powerful.

Scribble Your Thoughts in a Smart Way

The Note Air3 C with the latest BOOX firmware completely changes the way you take notes and read books. You can annotate books with handwritten notes and easily turn those scribbles into perfect shapes, highlights, underlines, and delete your handwriting using the SmartScribe feature.


CPU Qualcomm 2.4Ghz Octa-core + BSR GPU
Memory 64GB UFS2.1
Display 10.3" Kaleido 3 (4096 colors) Carta1200 glass screen with flat cover-lens
Resolution "B/W: 2480 x 1860 (300 ppi)
Color: 1240 x 930 (150 ppi)"
Dual Touch BOOX Pen Plus stylus touch with magnetic type + capacitive touch + front light with CTM
Light Front Light with CTM (Warm and Cold)
Wireless Connection WiFi (2.4GHz + 5GHz)
Bluetooth BT 5.0
Battery 3700mAh Polymer Li-on
Buttons power button with fingerprint recognition
Slot USB-C (support OTG), MicroSD card (support 2T max.)
Speaker Dual Speakers
Mic Yes
G-Sensor Yes
Rear camera N/A
OS Android 12
Format pdf (reflowable), epub, Adobe DRM, txt, rtf, html, chm, doc, fb2, png, jpg, tiff, gif, bmp, wav, mp3
Features TTS, Notes, Scribble, Dictionary, Calendar
Multi-languages All languages with Android 12
Firmware update OTA update or Locally update
Dimension 226 x 193 x 5.8mm
Weight Approximately 430g

In The Box

  • Boox Note Air3 C 10.3" E-Ink Tablet
  • USB-C cable
  • BOOX Pen Plus stylus with magnetic
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty card
  • Magnetic protective case


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  • Andrew
    4 stars because yes, the battery life if you're frequently interacting with it is terrible - possibly wouldn't even last a working day if taking notes a lot. BUT: * As an e-reader, once I got the hang of the software, battery life is good enough and the device without cover is so thin that it's kinda a Star Trek vibe holding it in landscape mode with a two-page spread - very "book like" at that point. * It's mitigated by standby life - if configured to remain in standby mode forever (fast wake-up) with the 'screensaver' of a calendar and clock that updates in 5 minute intervals, it only lost about 2-3% per *day* in that mode. That's over a month in standby. * The device can be configured to fully shut down after a certain time (out-of-box, that's set to a rather-low 15 minutes) which does mean a 30 second or so boot-up wait on power-up, but the battery drain in that condition is next to zero. This is ideal, as just about any other "traditional" (e.g. Kindle, Kobo - "not Android tablet") e-reader I've ever used tends to have a dead battery if I haven't used it for a few weeks for any reason, since they sleep. Set that to a couple of hours or a day and you're done. A weird combo of short and long battery life arises! If you spent all day note-taking or using it as a tablet, you'd probably have battery issues. If it's more of a reader with occasional notes, it'll be great. Further thoughts: * Android overall works well, having the Play store is great, and in the current "v3.5" release of software I encountered no crashes - this is a relief given Boox's reputation for being a bit janky in that regard * PDF reading works well, generally fast, zoom modes seemed to work well for me, etc. * Comic books are OK but I found myself faffing with "fill screen width" vs "fill whole page" or zooming into individual panels a lot, so your mileage my vary * Yes, colours are muddy and washed out - as we know for current gen. eInk - but they're still better than nothing, it's a good nudge and useful for notes and highlighting (there really should be a system-wide gamma curve setting so that colour images don't seem so dark; they could do with a brightness boost in the shadows to mids) * Yes, the screen overall is darker than regular e-ink so you'll want to use the backlight; I found a cooler colour temperature, surprisingly, worked really well and if I matched the room's ambient light it didn't feel like it was shining at all - it "felt" reflective On balance, I did consider the Air 3 (B&W) for battery but interestingly it was the lack of that battery-sucking refresh system that swung it. Despite the fact I won't do much note taking, the writing and drawing experience with the pen is just *so* good that I decided I wouldn't want a higher latency, more traditional refresh system, as offered on the Air 3. And despite the darker screen, the backlight compensates OK and I didn't feel the loss of colour and lower B&W resolution (300dpi down to 227) was worth it. A strange device with a number of compromises, but I was really impressed by it overall.
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  • Product: Boox Note Air3 C 10.3" E-Ink Tablet
  • Manufacturer: Boox
  • Model: BX-NAIR3C
  • RM Product #: 109176

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