INCA Fuji/Pentax Compatible Battery (NP-40)

Product #37881 | SKU IC740870 | Inca
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Replaces: NP-40, KLIC7005, D-Li8, SLB-0737


-| Replaces:| NP-40, KLIC7005, D-Li8, SLB-0737 Specifications:| 3.7v approx 710mAh INCA Charger Plate:| 745454 Compatibility Fuji:| Finepix F10, Finepix F402, Finepix F455, Finepix F455 Zoom, Finepix F460, Finepix F460 Zoom, Finepix F470, Finepix F470 Zoom, Finepix F610, Finepix F610 Zoom, Finepix F650, Finepix F650 Zoom, Finepix F700, Finepix F700 Zoom, Finepix F710, Finepix F810, Finepix F810 Zoom, Finepix F811, Finepix J50, Finepix V10, Finepix V10 Zoom, Finepix Z1, Finepix Z1 Zoom, Finepix Z2, Finepix Z3 Zoom, Finepix Z5FD, Fujifilm F440, Fujifilm F450, Fujifilm Z1, Fujifilm Z3 Kodak:| EasyShare C763 Pentax:| Optio A10, Optio A20, Optio A30, Optio A36, Optio L20, Optio S, Optio S5z, Optio SS4, Optio SS4i, Optio SS5i, Optio SS5n, Optio SS6, Optio SS7, Optio SSV, Optio SSVi, Optio T10 , Optio T20 , Optio W10 , Optio W20 , Optio WA40 , Optio WP , Optio WPi , Optio WX Samsung:| Digimax #1 , Digimax i5, Digimax i50 MP3 , Digimax L50


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  • Product: INCA Fuji/Pentax Compatible Battery (NP-40)
  • Manufacturer: Inca
  • Model: IC740870
  • SKU: IC740870
  • RM Product #: 37881
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion

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