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Location/Studio 15'' Teleprompter with hood and PrompterPro software

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The Ikan PT3100 Location/Studio Teleprompter (15") consists of a teleprompter kit with a 15" LCD Monitor, a teleprompter hood and Prompter Pro 2.0 software. Featuring a quick release system and a bright (50cd/m2) monitor, the teleprompter unit offers flexibility for studio as well as outdoor use.

Equipped with a 15”, VGA, AC-powered monitor, the teleprompter offers a viewing angle of 80/80(R/L) 80/60(U/L), and the LCD has built-in image reversal feature so that the reflected image is straightened. The unit features a high-quality 70/30 teleprompter glass with a touch-tab attached hood, and a camera lift with a quick-release plate system. With a simple twist of a knob, you can adjust the height of the camera lift so that you can use small to large cameras with the teleprompter. The quick-release plate allows you to detach the camera from the teleprompter and use it for handheld applications. Using a simple knob and a single push button, you can detach the camera and the quick release plate from the PT3100’s secure base. The touch-tab attached hood prevents unwanted light from reaching the camera lens.

With the PrompterPro 2.0 Teleprompting Software, you can edit your script on the fly. The software allows you to import standard text files and Rich Text files, edit color, size, and font, and store it in the database for future references. The adjustable cue marker allows you to add crucial information to the display. Scrolling speed and direction of projected texts can be controlled by a mouse’s scroll wheel and you can use a wireless mouse to manage these actions


  • 15" LCD Monitor / Teleprompter Kit
  • High-quality 70/30 Teleprompter Glass
  • Velcro Attached Hood
  • Camera Lift / Quick Release Plate
  • Prompter Pro 2.0 Software
  • Weight Balanced for Tripod Mount

Diagonal (inch): 15" TFT - LCD Monitor
Resolution: 1024 x 768
Brightness: 50cd/m2
Contrast Ratio: 500:1
Viewing Angle: 80/80(R/L) 80/60(U/L)
Size: 13.75 x 10.35 x 1.8" (34.9 x 26.3 x 4.6 cm)
Weight: 19.5 lb (8.84 kg)

What's included:
15" LCD Monitor
Prompter Pro 2.0 software
Teleprompter Hood
Teleprompter Kit

Note: Camera not included

Ikan PT3100 Teleprompter kit
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