Kessler K-Flex to Shuttle Dolly Conversion Kit

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Convert your existing K-Flex Premium Dolly Trucks to a Shuttle Dolly S


his kit includes the items needed to convert your existing 3 Kessler Premium Dolly Trucks used with your K-Flex tripod dolly system into the Shuttle Dolly. The Kessler Shuttle Dolly is the latest innovation in camera dollies and finally provides filmmakers with the performance AND versatility large format dollies have always lacked, until now. The Shuttle Dolly utilizes standard speed rail and can be operated manually or unlike any similar dolly in the market today, in conjunction with Kessler’s motion control solutions - CineDrive and Second Shooter.

The Shuttle Dolly improves upon standard market offerings by integrating an optional keeper system and brake for angled incline/decline shooting, optional drag control, an integrated and extendable foot system as well as various mounting solutions including mitchell mount, 100mm bowl mount and cheese plate. The Shuttle Dolly can also be supported via tripods and c-stands when not using Kessler’s proprietary integrated foot system.


Solid billet aluminum construction, custom casted and machined urethane dolly wheels, precision stainless steel bearings and a flat black anodized finish give the Shuttle Dolly the appearance and quality Kessler customers have come to expect out of every product we manufacture. Zero shortcuts in production and no off-the-shelf components mean this tool will work as hard as you do and last even longer.


Speed rail and end clamps mount to tripods and light stands (baby or junior stands) in seconds allowing users to start filming in no time. Utilizing Shuttle Dolly's integrated adjustable feet or optional adjustable speed rail legs (coming soon) provide mounting solutions for any filming environment.


The Shuttle Dolly can handle up to 125 lbs and can be used in various inclined and declined shooting situations by utilizing its optional keeper/grabber system. For added safety the Shuttle Dolly also includes an optional brake to ensure your rig is secure (compatible with speed rail from 1 1/4" - 1 1/2").


Users can utilize various sizes speed rail depending on availability and need. The Shuttle Dolly can be used on speed rail of any diameter between 1 1/4" to 2” The keeper/grabber system will also work within that entire range.


Unlike it's competitors and predecessors the Shuttle Dolly can be operated manually, with or without an optional drag control module AND can be motorized with Kessler’s motion control solutions - CineDrive and Second Shooter. Combined with the world's most powerful motion control software in its class, kOS, the Shuttle Dolly is in a league of its own.


A variety of camera and rig mounting options include Mitchell mount, 100mm bowl mount and cheese plate.


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  • Product: Kessler K-Flex to Shuttle Dolly Conversion Kit
  • Manufacturer: Kessler
  • Model: CS1110
  • SKU: CS1110
  • RM Product #: 41188
  • Warranty: Click here for warranty terms view terms

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