Korg Electribe Music Production Station with V2.0 Software (Blue)
Product #37441 | SKU ELECTRIBE2BL
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Korg Electribe Music Production Station with V2.0 Software (Blue)

Product #37441 | SKU ELECTRIBE2BL
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Product Features
  • 16 Trigger Pads and X/Y Touch Pad
  • Pattern-Chain Function
  • 200 Preset and 200 Bonus Patterns
  • 409 Oscillator Waveforms
  • Effects and Groove Templates
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  • Product: #37441
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Providing sounds for modern House, Techno, and EDM production while taking its cues from some of their most popular hardware synth and effect units, the blue Electribe Music Production Station from Korg now features the latest V2.0 system software with added enhancement sure to make your production flow faster and easier. The Electribe blue still features the same 16 velocity-sensitive pads and an integrated XY touch pad for effects and programming. There are 409 analogue-modelled and PCM-oscillator waveforms as well as 200 presets to help get you started. Updated features include pattern-chaining, undo, and original-value display, as well as over 200 bonus patterns available for download, offering synths, drum kits, and ideas that cover a wide variety of modern genres and musical styles.

Your sounds can be can be altered with a variety of available insert effects in addition to master effects, some of which have been inherited from Korg's Kaoss Pad. The Electribe can be powered with the included AC adapter, or used portably with 6 AA batteries. Compatibility with a wide range of equipment is made possible with the 2 included MIDI adapters.

Key Features

System V2.0 Update

  • System version 2 adds support for the much-requested pattern-chain function and undo function, as well as support for original value display. Users who already own an Electribe can update their unit and then enjoy playing.
  • Electribe artists, sound designers, and beat makers from around the world have created bonus pattern data packed with new sounds, phrases, and sequences. These 203 different patterns include synthesiser sounds, drum kits, and ideas that work with a variety of musical styles. They are provided as reference materials for your beat-making or as foundations to give you new inspiration.

An Evolved Step Sequencer
Using the 16 pads placed on the front of the unit, you can create patterns while actually hearing and seeing the sounds. You can use the pads as a keyboard to record phrases in real time, and also perform step recording by entering the pitch and rhythmic value one note at a time. The patterns you create can be used in alternate forms as you perform by taking advantage of the "step jump" feature inherited from the Volca series, or by changing the "last step" to vary the length of each part.

There's also a "motion sequence" function that lets you record knob and button operations and use them in the pattern that you create.

Either drums or synths can now be assigned to each of the 16 pads. For example, you could create complex rhythms by assigning drums to all of the 16 parts.

Beat-Making with the Trigger Pads and Touch Pad
Derived from the Kaossilator is the "touch scale" function that lets anyone perform without wrong notes, just by moving a finger across the touchpad. The trigger pads that were popular on the Taktile are also provided, allowing anyone to create phrases. The trigger pads can also be used for drum input. Settings allow you to switch velocity on/off.

A Synth Engine for Fast Production
For the Electribe, Korg designed a synth engine that gives you sound-creating freedom and fast sound production. The 409 oscillator waveforms include analogue modelling and PCM. The analogue-modelling synth engine provides a broad variety ranging from simple basic waveforms to complex combinations such as dual, unison, sync, ring modulation, and cross modulation. The PCM sound engine provides mainly rhythm sounds, but also covers multisamples for keyboard (collaborations with Sample Magic, Loopmasters, Prime Loops are included).

The filters at the heart of the sound-shaping capabilities are inherited directly from the KingKORG, and they use filter algorithms that simulate standard synthesisers so that you can get "the sound" which was used in famous songs, just by selecting the appropriate filter type.

You can also apply filters to drums to create rhythm tracks with tonal variation. Modulation can make sound creation more complicated, but Korg has condensed it down to three parameters: simply select a template that specifies an effect and its target, and then adjust the speed and depth of the effect to suit your taste.

Effects and Groove Templates
The Electribe sampler provides effects such as compression and overdrive for each part, giving you uncompromising control over the nuances of individual sounds that differ subtly between genres. The groove function can be specified for each part, letting you apply a groove to your phrase simply by selecting a template.

Master Effects, Patterns Sets, and Sync In/Out
The master effects can be controlled from the touchpad just like on the Kaoss pad, and they include not only spatial-type effects that shape the overall acoustics but they also include effects that apply aggressively musical transformations such as the "Vinyl Break" effect inherited from the Kaoss pad series, and the newly developed "Seq Reverse" and "Odd Stepper" that change the playback order of the sequencer. These are also extremely effective for live performance. Insert effects can be assigned for individual parts, opening up even more complex sound-design possibilities.

There's also a "pattern set" function which lets you switch patterns by pressing trigger pads, and an "event recording" function that records that performance. In addition to MIDI IN/OUT, "Sync IN/OUT" is provided, allowing synchronised performances with the Volca series, Monotribe, or MS-20 Mini. The unit can run on six AA batteries, so you can easily take it along with you and perform anywhere, providing on-the-go inspiration to your musical ideas.

Workflow with Ableton Live
Korg has collaborated with Ableton to offer a new music production workflow that combines hardware and software. The Electribe Sampler can internally save and export patterns in Ableton Live format. Individual patterns and parts are saved as scenes and clips in an Ableton Live Set. Use Live's Session and Arrangement workflows to edit and refine your ideas, perform or record new parts, arrange your ideas, and mix your song. The Korg Electribe Sampler includes Live Lite.


Sound System
Polyphony Maximum Polyphony: 24 voices (varies depending on the Oscillator, Filter, and Insert FX type), Pseudo-polyphonic (Independent parameters for each voice have been simplified; four voices share the parameters of one conventional voice)
Oscillators Oscillator: 409 (Pitch/Glide, Edit)
Oscillator Types: Kick (56), Snare (58), Clap (16), HiHat (42), Cymbal (14), Tom (16), Percussion (55), Voice (16), Synth FX (18), Synth Hit (18), Inst Hit (16), Synth (55), Instrument (28), Audio In (1)
Filter Type Filter: Filter (Cutoff), Resonance, EG Int, LPF/HPF/BPF (16)
Modulation Type 72, depth, speed
Envelope Generators Amp/Envelope Generators: Level, Pan, Attack, Decay/Release, Amp EG On/Off
Scale Scale Types: 35
Gate Arpeggiator 50
Sampling Frequency 48 kHz
AD/DA Conversion 24-bit
Effects Insert Effects: 38 types
Master Effects: 32 types
Steps Up to 64 for each part
Parts 16 (one part consists of a sound, steps, insert effect, modulation sequence, etc)
Patterns 250 patterns (200 Presets / 50 Initial) (one pattern consists of parts, master effect, key, scale setting, etc)
Modulation Sequences Up to 24 motion sequences can be stored (for each pattern)
GrooveSets Groove Types: 25
Pattern Pattern Set: Up to 64 patterns can be stored
Pattern Chain: Up to 250 patterns can be chained
Export Ableton Live project file format, WAV file format (48 kHz, 16 bit)
Event Recording Up to 100 files can be saved
Trigger Pads
Trigger Pads Number of Pads: 16 pads (Velocity sensitive)
Modes: Trigger, Sequencer, Keyboard, Chord, Step Jump, Pattern Set
Touch Pad Modes: Gate Arp, Touch Scale, Master FX
Audio 2x L/R 1/4" (6.3 mm) phone jack output
1x 1/8" (3.5 mm) stereo mini jack headphone output
1x 1/8" (3.5 mm) stereo mini jack line input
MIDI 5-pin DIN MIDI IN and OUT with use of included adapter cables
USB micro-USB
Sync In and Out via 1/8" (3.5 mm) stereo mini jack
External Storage SD Card (512 MB to 2 GB)
SDHC Card (Up to 32 GB)
Power Supply
Power Supply AC Adapter
6 x AA Batteries (Alkaline or Nickel-Metal Hydride)
Battery Life 5 hours, approximate (with Power Saving on when using Nickel-Metal Hydride)
Current Consumption < 500 mA
Chassis Zinc die cast
Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions (W x D x H) 13.4 x 7.4 x 1.8" (339 x 189 x 45 mm)
Weight 1.6 kg

In The Box

  • Korg Electribe Music Production Station with V2.0 Software (Blue)
  • KA350 Power Adapter
  • 2 x MIDI Adapter Cables
  • Ableton Live Lite Download


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  • Product: Korg Electribe Music Production Station with V2.0 Software (Blue)
  • Manufacturer: Korg
  • RM Product #: 37441