Korg Polyphonic Sequencer

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  • Supports up to 64-Step Sequences Across Four Tracks
  • CV Outputs
  • Tempo Range: 30–300 bpm


Korg Polyphonic Sequencer

The compact Korg SQ-64 Polyphonic Sequencer is the feature-packed hardware sequencer your synthesizer rig has been waiting for. Equipped with a 64-pad sequence matrix, the SQ-64 gives you four sequencer tracks to command your synths, drum machines, and Eurorack modules via Gate, CV, and MIDI. You can also use the matrix pads in keyboard mode to capture your playing in the sequence. Use it as the master clock for your synth rig, or sync it to your clock of choice via MIDI or audio sync. Whether you're producing in your studio, or performing live onstage, the Korg SQ-64 Polyphonic Sequencer provides the hands-on, instrument-like experience that hardware sequencers excel at.

The Korg SQ-64 Polyphonic Sequencer supports up to 64-step sequences across four tracks. The first three tracks support up to 8-note polyphony, with Mod, Pitch, and Gate outputs for each track. The fourth track is designed to be a monophonic 16-part sequencer, driving eight separate Gate outputs along with eight different MIDI notes — perfect for driving a drum machine or drum synthesis modules. So in total, you can send three polyphonic sequences to three different devices via MIDI or CV/Gate/Mod, plus a monophonic sequence with up to eight different MIDI notes to a MIDI device, plus a monophonic sequence with up to eight different parts sent out via Gate outputs.

Once you've created a sequence, the Korg SQ-64 offers some creative ways to manipulate the playback of your sequence in real time — Reverse, Bounce, Stochastic, and Random. We especially like the per-step Probability control, which can be used to determine how likely a step is to be active, creating constantly evolving sequences. And if you're into polyrythms, you're in luck! Each track can have a unique length of up to 64 steps!

Two independent MIDI outputs allow you to connect your synths and drum machines, while CV outputs for Mod, Pitch, and Gate accommodate your modular synths and semi-modular gear. The CV outputs are designed to support common modular voltage standards, and they can even be biased for optimal performance with devices that require non-standard voltage.

Key Features:

  • 64-step, 4-part polyphonic step sequencer with MIDI and CV outputs
  • Dual MIDI outputs for sequencing MIDI synths and drum machines, plus MIDI input for external control
  • CV outputs for Mod, Pitch, and Gate support all common modular voltage standards, and can be re-biased for uncommon voltage needs
  • 3 sequence tracks support up to 8-note polyphony each
  • Fourth D-Sub track supports up to 8 MIDI notes and 8 CV "notes" for monophonic sequencing of drum parts
  • Per-step Probability gives you control over how often that step is active, for ever-changing sequences
  • Sync with your other gear via MIDI or Audio Sync I/O
  • Perform and record your sequences in real time with Keyboard mode
  • Save up to 64 projects, each with up to 16 different patterns for each sequencer track
  • Tempo range: 30–300 bpm


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  • Product: Korg Polyphonic Sequencer
  • Manufacturer: Korg
  • Model: KOR-SQ-64
  • SKU: KOR-SQ-64
  • RM Product #: 95989

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