Suitable for Schoeps CCM Series Mics, Windjammer Included
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The WS 9 Modular Windshield Kit (Lemo) Complete Windshield and Suspension System by Rycote offers a unique and highly effective wind-noise solution for compact condenser microphones. It is used in various environments when capturing audio in applications such as film, broadcast TV, wedding videographers, sound designers, and more. This kit features up to 35 db of wind noise attenuation; and includes a WJ9 windjammer, WS 9 windshield, XLR holder MKII, boom pole adapter, pistol grip handle with lever, XX-small suspension (Lemo), and a CB10 connbox; and also includes 1x single lyre 62 (19/25), 1x single lyre 62(8) a brush, and Hex head key.

Key Features

  • Suitable for: Schoeps CCM 41, Schoeps CCM series (Lemo)
  • This kit is a flexible and complete windshield and suspension package that provides varying levels of windshielding for numerous microphone configurations
  • High quality synthetic fur-cover windjammer for WS 9 provides the highest possible protection against extreme wind noise
  • When using a windjammer fitted over a windshield, up to 35 dB of wind-noise attenuation can be achieved, producing excellent exterior audio recordings.


Windshield Body Length
2.8" (70 mm)
Total Windshield Length
6.7" (170 mm) includes the end caps
Windshield: 3.9" (100 mm)
Fur Length: 1.6" (40 mm)
Microphone Connector
Noise Attenuation
Max Wind-Noise: 35 dB
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Rycote WS 9 Modular Windshield Kit (Lemo) Complete Windshield and Suspension System
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