Quad-amplified nearfield speaker for professional recording and mixing

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Wide focus stereo monitor, 2 channel active, 2 x 80 LF watts rms, 2x 80 watt HF rms, carbon membrane, 28mm Neodyme HT. Includes channel separator

The mini-OWL system is the most advanced monitoring system available and is based on the EmbracingSound™ technology, patents held by the Swedish company Embracing Sound Experience™ AB.
With the mini-OWL and the OWL System EMES goes beyond the conventional speaker set up which always introduces artifacts in the "sweet spot" that the sound engineer have to live with.
The EmbracingSound™ system comprises the ESE™-processor and the transducer system. Instead of reproducing a left and right signal from two wide spread loudspeakers, a single loudspeaker box is used. With this technology it is now possible to experience the definition capabilities of a proper stereo signal and perceive all the information in the recording.
The EMES mini-OWL System is a 2-channel 2 way active system using the EmbracingSound™ technology to reproduce a 180-degrees wide "embracing" image from one box. The active system delivers 4 x 80 W peak power to the two woofers and the two soft dome neodymium tweeters.

The Emes mini-Owl is a quad-amplified nearfield monitor speaker for professional recording and mixing, broadcast, or home theater monitoring applications. The unique design of the unit combines two independent 160-watt bi-amplified speakers in a single bass-reflex ported enclosure. The result of the speaker placement and interior electronics is an owl-like appearance, and a truly unique, phase-coherent, listening experience.
The mini-Owl essentially reverses the familiar Left, Right, Phantom Center stereo imaging reproduced by a pair of spaced speakers, centering the speakers in front of the listener, and sending the Left and Right off into 180° of space. There is plenty of immediate stereo imaging, and depth, in front of the listener, and the drivers themselves are quite neutral and uncolored, with good detail.

What's amazing about the mini-Owl monitors is the clear reproduction of the stereo effects, panning choices, and microphone placement revealed in recordings, regardless of musical style and genre. The remarkable width and depth of the stereo field will have the listener looking for additional speakers on the left and right sides, that aren't there. This remains true moving about the room away from the "sweet spot", at distances of 6 - 12', in either direction.

The mini-Owl is a worthy and innovative solution for critical mixing, and nearfield stereo playback or LCR Surround monitoring that, considering the radically different design concept of the electronics, and physical appearance of the speaker, requires surprisingly little "getting used to".

Key Features

  • 2-way active unified Single Point Stereo monitoring speaker with 2 80-watt amplifiers, 5.25" woofer, and 1" tweeter per speaker in single bass-reflex enclosure
  • Speakers jointly controlled by single interior mid- and side-signal processor, which redistributes the Left and Right input program content
  • Patented ESES(Embracing Sound Experience System) allows for reproduction of complex stereo image from single enclosure, greater depth perception of stereo field
  • Removes phase anomalies, acoustic crosstalk, and wave dispersion time/location problems associated with standard spaced speaker positioning
  • Magnetically shielded for close-proximity use with computer and video monitors
  • Matched speaker system with matching amplifiers with controlled damping and minimized time-related distortion
  • Fiberglass HDS carbon paper membrane for woofers, resonant-free cone
  • Recessed textile dome tweeters in dispersion horn surrounds
  • HF level control, LF gain control, Input level control, low and high pass filters, switchable 115/230V power supply

For a full list of specifications, refer to EMES's website

Emes Mini-OWL Monitor System
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