Noga Cine Arm & Cine Lock Kit 2
Product #36556 | SKU NF14CA-CL2
Usually Ships in 4 - 6 Weeks
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Noga Cine Arm & Cine Lock Kit 2

Product #36556 | SKU NF14CA-CL2
Usually Ships in 4 - 6 Weeks

Product Features
  • An Arm with Two Quick Release Devices
  • Ideal for Camera Lights and Monitors
  • Precise Focus via Flexible Movements
  • Kip Lever Tightens All Joints At Once
  • Load Capacity of 3.25 kg
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  • Product: #36556
  • SKU: NF14CA-CL2
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The Noga Cine Arm and Cine Locks Kit 2 combines 16x9's upgraded version of Noga's Hold-It Articulating Arm with two sets of Cine Lock quick-release mounting devices. 16x9's upgrade consists of equalling the lengths of the Arm's two arms to be 5" (12.7 cm) each so they can have stronger holding resistance.

The Cine Arm has three joints - a central one where two arms reach out from, and two ball-joints at the endpoints of the lower and upper arms. The lower endpoint is what the Arm mounts the camera with, and the upper one is what an accessory gets mounted onto.

Thus set up, the two arms can open wide or close in along the central joint, and then, along the lower ball-joint, they can fluidly be moved in any way vertically and horizontally. And thus an accessory can be positioned with precise focus. And then with the tightening of a lever atop the Arm, all three joints lock into place simultaneously.

What the Cine Locks do is make it possible for the arms to snap onto the camera and the accessory, as opposed to being screwed on each time. Each Cine Lock consists of two parts that each attach separately and then lock into each other. At the slide of a pin they unlock and separate from each other. Thus they provide quick-release functionality. The two parts are a burgundy wedge and a gray plate. They each have two different-sized screw-holes via which they either screw onto a stud, or -- by means of included screws -- get fastened to a screw-hole.

As for measurements, the Cine Arm can take on up to 3.25 kg, and its mounting threads are 1/4"-20.

Key Features

  • An articulating arm with two quick-release mounting devices.
  • Mounts a camera on one end and takes on an accessory on the other.
  • Ideal for camera lights and monitors, but works with most any 1/4" accessories.
  • The Arm's three joints allow for precise focus by way of sideways and tilting movements.
  • A lever tightens to simultaneously lock in place all three joints.
  • Each arm is 5" (12.7 cm) long, and together they can handle 3.25 kg.
  • The Cine Locks provide the Arm with quick-release functionality.


Arm Top - 1/4"-20 screw plus nut
Bottom - 1/4"-20 screw
Extended Length 5" (12.7 cm)
Maximum Load 3.25 kg
Weight Arm: 255 g
Cine Locks: 51 g

In The Box

Noga Cine Arm & Cine Lock Kit 2
  • NF1108CA Cine Arm
  • 2 x Cine Lock Quick Release Mounting Device


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  • Product: Noga Cine Arm & Cine Lock Kit 2
  • Manufacturer: Noga
  • Model: NF14CA-CL2
  • SKU: NF14CA-CL2
  • RM Product #: 36556