Polar Pro DJI Mavic Pro Cinema Series 6-Filter Pack
Product #50881 | SKU MVC-CS-6pack
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Polar Pro DJI Mavic Pro Cinema Series 6-Filter Pack

Product #50881 | SKU MVC-CS-6pack
In stock Ships Monday
Polar Pro

Product Features
  • Fits DJI Mavic Pro Camera Lens
  • Designed for Aerial Photography
  • Polariser Cuts Reflections and Glare
  • 3-, 4-, and 5-Stop ND Filters
  • 2- 3-, and 4-Stop PL/ND Hybrid Filters
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  • Product: #50881
  • SKU: MVC-CS-6pack
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Improve the quality of your aerial footage with the Cinema Series 6-Filter Pack for DJI Mavic Pro from Polar Pro . The pack includes a polariser filter; 3-, 4-, and 5-stop neutral density filters; and 2-, 3- and 4-stop ND/polariser hybrid filters, all designed specifically for the camera lens of the DJI Mavic Pro. Offering varying degrees of light reduction, the filters are useful for slowing down the camera's shutter speed, resulting in smoother looking motion and helping to reduce the appearance of rolling shutter. The filters all feature multi-coated glass lenses for optimal image quality and scratch resistance.

Cinema Series Glass
Cinema Series glass features multi-coated true-glass optics for a high light transmission and a low refractive index.

Airframe Construction
Filters designed specifically for aerial filming, featuring lightweight construction that utilises a precision-threaded aircraft aluminium frame to help ensure smooth gimbal operation.

ND4/PL Filter
This filter reduces the camera's shutter speed by 2 f-stops and polarises light. It is recommended when filming at dusk or dawn, or on cloudy days.

ND8/PL Filter
Reducing the camera's shutter speed by 3 f-stops, the ND8/PL is recommended for partly cloudy days. The polarising aspect of this filter helps reduce glare and may increase colour saturation.

ND16/PL Filter
Recommended when it is sunny out, the ND16/PL reduces light by 4-stops and polarises the scene to help you capture vivid colours on bright sunny days.

3-Stop Neutral Density Filter (ND8)
The ND8 filter is recommended for partly cloudy to mildly sunny days where a 3-stop reduction in light level will enable you to achieve a 1/60 second shutter speed.

4-Stop Neutral Density Filter (ND16)
The ND16 filter is recommended for very bright days and will reduce light levels by 4 f-stops. The ND16 filter is often used while filming in the desert or over snow.

5-Stop Neutral Density Filter
Recommended for extremely bright days, the ND32 reduces the light levels by 5-stops. This helps you achieve shutter speeds near 1/60 to 1/50 second even on the brightest of days for natural motion blur and cinematic effect.


Weight ND/PL Filters: 1.3 g (per filter)
ND Filters 1.06 g (per filter)

In The Box

  • ND8 Filter
  • ND16 Filter
  • ND32 Filter
  • ND4/PL Filter
  • ND8/PL Filter
  • ND16/PL Filter


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  • Product: Polar Pro DJI Mavic Pro Cinema Series 6-Filter Pack
  • Manufacturer: Polar Pro
  • Model: MVC-CS-6pack
  • SKU: MVC-CS-6pack
  • RM Product #: 50881