Cinema grade follow focus suited to video and SLR 35mm lenses
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No matter what your camera, Redrock Micro's microFollowFocus v2 lends your video production the smooth, precise focus control of a big-budget film. Whether shooting with a fixed-lens camcorder, interchangeable cinema lenses, or a video-capable DSLR, the precision-machined microFollowFocus system provides repeatable, accurate focusing.

Product Highlights

  • For Camcorders & DSLRs
  • Smooth, Precise Focusing
  • Gear-driven Design
  • Interchangeable Drive Gears
  • 3D Marking Disk for Repeatable Focus
  • Quick Release Clamp
  • 0.8 Film Pitch Gearing

Product Features

  • Completely gear-driven design for slip-free, accurate, and repeatable focus movement

Unique quick release clamp

  • 1:1 gear ratio allows smooth movements for still and motion picture 35mm lenses
  • Adjustable slide-mounting mechanism to fit large range of lens diameters, including video camera lenses
  • Interchangeable drive gears including 0.8 film pitch and Fujinon pitch (for Fujinon video lenses)
  • Easily switchable to either side of camera
  • Optional microLensGears can be quickly attached to existing 35mm still (SLR) lenses for accurate gearing
  • 3D marking disk allows focus marks to be easily viewed by operator or assistant
  • Standard Arri-style accessory port in focus wheel for attaching whip, speed crank, etc.

vIndustry-standard 15mm lightweight (60mm spacing) rod mount (rod support not included with microFollowFocus bundle)

  • Optional 19mm rod clamp adapts microFollowFocus for 19mm rods for cameras, including the Red ONE
  • Optional Fujinon 0.6 pitch drive gear works directly with Fujinon lenses
  • Optional reversing gear focuses Nikon and Pentax lenses in the "correct" cinema direction
  • Constructed of high quality, machined aircraft-grade aluminum

Lightweight design

  • Sleek Redrock look
  • Works great with DV and HDV built-in camera lenses

Included in this package:

  • microFollowFocus v2 follow focus unit
  • New larger 3d marking disk
  • 0.8 mod 32 film pitch drive gear
  • Quick release clamp (Patent Pending) for 15mm lightweight (60mm spacing) rods
RedRock Micro - microFollowFocus v2
Redrock Micro
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