Product Features
  • Multi-Band Compression for Bass
  • Single-Knob Adjustment
  • TonePrint Enabled
  • Compact Chassis
  • True Bypass

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With its single-knob interface, it's easy to think that the SpectraComp Bass Compressor Pedal from TC Electronic is a one trick pony; but that is far from the truth. Beneath its tiny exterior lies an advanced multi-band compressor. Many compressors are single-band and will compress all frequencies equally, a process which could potentially flatten your tone to a point where all dynamics are lost in the mix. Multi-band compression, on the other hand, compresses based on the incoming frequency, so your bass playing technique will retain definition and expression in the low, middle, and high frequencies. If for some reason you want to turn off the SpectraComp, true-hardwire bypass won't colour your tone when the pedal is disengaged.

Key Features

TonePrint Connectivity
Go beyond the one-knob interface on this pedal by taking advantage of TonePrint. Using the free app—available for both iOS and Android operating systems—you can have granular control over the inner workings of the pedal. Set your blend level, crossover frequencies, threshold, knee, and more. When you're done adjusting, just beam the settings from your phone to the pedal. Settings are available from artists and other TonePrint users online, so you can take advantage of the flexibility available inside the SpectraComp in no time.

General Features

  • Multiband Compressor - tuned for bass instruments
  • TonePrint enabled - offers fine adjustments and access to a plethora of customisable presets
  • Compact metal chassis
  • Simple one-knob design
Inputs1 x 1/4" instrument TS
Outputs1 x 1/4" instrument TS
Power Requirements9 VDC, 100 mA
TC Electronic SpectraComp Bass Compressor Pedal
TC Electronic
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