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Rycote Canon XF100 Mini Windjammer
Product #27867 | SKU 055417
Usually ships in 8 - 12 Weeks
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Rycote Canon XF100 Mini Windjammer

Product #27867 | SKU 055417
Usually ships in 8 - 12 Weeks

Designed for Canon's XF100 HD Camcorder, Medium Windshield Rating
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  • Product: #27867
  • SKU: 055417
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Designed with 10mm thick synthetic fur, the Rycote Canon XF100 Mini Windjammer has been custom made to fit perfectly over the external, camera-mounted stereo electret condenser microphone on your Canon XF100 HD Professional Camcorder. It has a "medium" windshield rating, which means that it can suppress up to 30dB of distracting wind noise that's inevitable whenever you're shooting outdoors. Overall, the Mini Windjammer reduces the distracting noise and microphone rustling from shooting into a steady breeze or shooting outside when there are bursts of high-gust wind noise. The small-animal aesthetic of Rycote's Mini Windjammers even eliminates much of the harshness associated with vocal plosives. Although it forms a form-fitting and snug bond around your XF100, this Mini Windjammer model also features a touch fastener closure strap that's sure to keep your furry friend tightly secured to your camcorder microphone. Plus, for added flexibility, the Mini Windjammer is designed to fit around the camera-mounted microphone's foam windshield, but the touch fastener allows you to use the wind-dampening synthetic fur with or without the XF100's own microphone foam windshield.

Key Features

  • This specific Mini Windjammer model has been designed to form a tight and precise fit around the foam windshield that protects the external, camera-mounted stereo electret condenser microphone on Canon's XF100 HD Professional Camcorder
  • The Mini Windjammer is constructed from synthetic fur that's 10mm long. The unique material and 10mm thick furry ball contribute to the Mini Windjammer's ability to reduce the effects of wind noise and vocal plosives by approximately 30dB. A reduction of 30dB equals a "medium" windshield rating
  • The Mini Windjammer's specific slip-on design already fits tightly around the XF100 camera-mounted mic, but for added security, Rycote has equipped each furry windshield with a secure touch fastener closure strap


Compatible Camcorders
Canon XF100 HD Camcorder
Microphone Type
XF100 (external camera-mounted stereo electret condenser microphone with foam windshield)
Wind Rating
Medium (windshield rating)
Noise Reduction
Up to 30dB (wind noise)
Closure Type
Self-attaching touch fastener (fur cover slips on over mic and a touch fastener secures cover in place)
Synthetic Fur
Compatible Diameters
Mic Foam Windshield: 1.18" (30mm)
Synthetic Fur: 0.39" (10mm)
Mic Foam Windshield: not specified by manufacturer


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  • Product: Rycote Canon XF100 Mini Windjammer
  • Manufacturer: Rycote
  • Model: 055417
  • SKU: 055417
  • RM Product #: 27867
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty