Monitoring Accessories

TC Electronic Level Pilot Analog Stereo Volume Control

  • Slip-Free Design
  • Aluminium Construction
  • No Power Supply Needed
  • Balanced XLR Connectivity
  • Quad-core cabling
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Mackie Big Knob Passive Studio Monitor Controller

Two by Two Monitor Controller, 2x Sources and 2x Monitor Pairs
Usually ships in 2 - 3 days

Mackie Big Knob Studio Plus Monitor Controller and Interface

4x Sources and 3x Monitor Pairs, Classic Big Knob Volume Control
Usually ships in 2 - 3 days

Icon Pro Audio AirCon DT-AR1 Wireless Monitor Speaker Controller

For DT-5A air, DT-6A air & DT-8A air, Control Volume, Mute, EQ & HPF
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Dangerous Music Stereo Monitor ST Control System with Remote Control

Four Switchable Analog Inputs, Speaker Offsets for Level Matching
Usually ships in 10 - 15 days

JBL Monitor System Controller

MSC1 Monitor System Controller - Includes Essential 'Monitor Strip'
Usually ships in 6 - 9 days

Blackmagic Design Audio Monitor

  • 2 x Channel AES/EBU Digital Audio Input
  • L/R Balanced & Unbalanced Analogue Input
  • 2 x 27-Segment LED VU Metres
  • Front Panel Illuminated Keypad
  • Front Panel 1/4" Headphone Jack
Usually ships in 3 - 5 days

Genelec GLM 2.0 Loudspeaker Manager Software

  • User interface designed for fast, easy setup
  • Unlimited number of system setup files
  • Provides an integrated process
  • Acoustic Response Editor
  • SinglePoint and MultiPoint microphone positions
Usually ships in 2 - 3 days

Dangerous Music Monitor SR

Switch Between Three Sets of Speakers, Stereo Aux Input Path
Usually ships in 10 - 15 days

Dangerous Music Source Digital/Analog Monitoring Device

Dual Independent D/A Converters, 192 kHz 24-Bit Conversion
Usually ships in 10 - 15 days

Dangerous Music D-Box Summing Monitor Mixer and D/A Converter

Eight Channels of Analog Summing, Transparent Monitoring
Usually ships in 10 - 15 days

Dangerous Music SRK Source Rack Kit

For Rack Mounting the Source Monitor, Fits 48cm Studio Rack
Usually ships in 10 - 15 days